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Thursday 24th April, 2008

Great to be in Cedar City again.

We chatted for a while and went to Dennys for dinner.

Watched TV in the evening.

Friday 25th April, 2008

Anzac Day back in Australia.

A quiet day in Cedar City, Rayls and Amy did do some shopping.

At 3pm we met up with Steve at the Cedar City Airport and went for a flight in his plane.  The wind was a bit unpredicatble and once we were up the plane was bumping around a fair bit so it was decided that we would return to Cedar City.  We were only up for 36 minutes and it was a bit hazy up there but it is always a great experience going up with Steve - the mountains are just magnificent.

Amy made a nice salmon and rice dinner and afterwards we watched a DVD of Charlie Wilson's War.

A good day.

Saturday 26th April, 2008

Rayls and Amy went to St George to pick up a few things.

Gary caught up with email and the web site and then he and Steve went to Market Grill for lunch. Gary had a piece of their famous banana cream pie.

Quiet day - salmon on the grill for dinner.

Watched a DVD - Life or Something Like It.

All our days here are nice and quiet, getting us ready for the hard work when we get home.


Sunday 27th April, 2008

Steve, Amy, Rayls, Gaz at Applebee's
Cedar City, Utah

Another good day.

We have decided to return home via Las Vegas and so today Gary worked on air fares from Vegas to Los Angeles.  Instead of driving from Cedar City to Los Angeles to fly home we now drive just the two and half hours to Las Vegas and then fly between Vegas and Los Angeles on the morning we fly from LA to Tokyo - these flights are on Tuesday 6th May.

Steve did some yard work today and Gary assisted with a bit of it.  In the afternoon we all sat up in the outdoor area and relaxed and chatted.

We had dinner at Applebee's.

In the evening Rayls and Amy watched a DVD The Final Season, Steve and Gaz watched Cloverfield.

Monday 28th April, 2008

Another quiet day here in Cedar City.

Amy and Rayls did their daily shopping

Gary bought Arbys for lunch.

Grilled chicken for diiner, we contributed mashed potatoes, also veggies, a fun dinner.

Watched a movie, Music Within, in the evening.

Tuesday 29th April, 2008

A little bit of action today.

This afternoon Amy has to head to Vegas and evenytually Florida on family business.

We went with Amy and picked up Steve and then had lunch at Dennys.

In the afternoon it was decided that Rayls would go with Amy to Las Vegas and Gary would pick up Rayls tomorrow.

Amy and Rayls headed off around 4pm. It's 180 miles from Cedar City to Vegas and they stopped at St Geroge and shopped at Vegas before checking into their hotel, Sunset Station.

Gary stayed in Cedar City and he and Steve went to Sullivans for dinner and watched the DVD Fat Man and Little Boy with Paul Newman.

Wednesday 30th April, 2008

Driving down the Las Vegas strip
Las Vegas

Good day today.

Gary left Cedar City at 7:30am and took 3 hours to drive to Vegas.  It is a pleasant enough drive.  About 55 miles in Utah before you cross into Arizona and drive through a narrow valley between mountains as you descend around 2,000 feet and into Nevada (and gain an hour).  Quite a drive.  Around 20 miles out of Vegas you see it in the distance, very hazy/smoggy today.  It was 9am as Gary arrived and hit peak hour traffic and around 9:30am when he arrived at Rayls hotel.

They spent a few hours in the Sunset Street Mall and then cruised onto the Las vegas strip and drove down it before heading back to Cedar City (lose that hour) via a Wal-Mart stop in St George.

Back in Cedar City at 5:30pm just in time to join Steve and Daniel for dinner at iHop.

We watched another DVD in the evening - Oh Brother Where Art Thou with George Clooney.

Amy flew to Florida at 8:00am and won't be back till Saturday.

Today's drive was a bonus day for Wal-Mart trucks, there is a Wal-Mart Depot near`St George so trucks are common.  The tally reached 248.  The trucks at the depot don't count, they need to be moving!!!

Thursday 1st May, 2008

Amy is away in Florida and so we were alone for most of the day.

We took the opportunity to start getting ready for our return home.  We seem to have more stuff than will fit into the bags and so it took all day to move things around to get the best use from each bag.

We splashed out and had a grand slam breakfast at Dennys.

A trip to Wal-Mart was necessary.

Steve and Daniel were home in time for dinner and we went to Market Grill.

We watched the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid which was filmed mostly in this area.

Friday 2nd May, 2008

Clumps of ice side of road
Ice side of road

A really good day today.  Amy is still in Florida and won't be back till late tomorrow.

So...... we enjoyed our breakfast yesterday, today we went to iHop, very nice.

Around 11am we headed for Bryce Canyon National Park, just over 80 miles away.  The scenery there and back is great, mountains, plains, lava flows and wildlife.  Bryce Canyon is famous for its unique geology of red rock spires and horseshoe-shaped ampitheatres.  There is some awesome views as is one of the best national parks we have been to.  We stayed about 5 hours and headed back to Cedar City.   Stopped at a gift shop and in the last scenic stretch before Cedar City were surprised at the antics of a truck driver who on winding and narrow roads overtook on blind bends and ran two cars off the road.  we managed to get some details on the truck and later reported the incidents to the authorities.

Bryce Canyon was well worth the visit, very interesting and amazing formations.

Got back to Cedar City just before 6pm and went to Wingers for dinner.  We both had salmon, very nice.

The DVD tonight was Legends of the Fall.

Enjoying our relax time here in Cedar City and looking forward to seeing Amy again.

Saturday 3rd May 2006

Another quiet day.

Amy is still away on family business - she returns late tonight and Steve and Daniel have gone to Salt Lake City for the day and so we had the house to ourselves.

We had brekkie at Dennys and did some shopping.

Watched TV and had Ihop for dinner. Got a DVD, Wild Hogs.

Quiet day, the gang will be back tomorrow.


Sunday 4th May, 2008

Coming to the last couple of days.

Today we relaxed our way through the day.

Went to movies in the afternoon, Rayls and Amy went to Made of Honor and Gary and Steve went to 21.  Daniel went to Ironman.  

Ordered Pizza for dinner and watched Four Weddings and a Funeral. 

Monday 5th May, 2008

Last day in Cedar City.

Packed and chatted with Amy.

Sent package with excess baggage home.

Dinner at Milt's - very nice.

Early night ready for a 4am departure to Las Vegas.