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Day 34 - 26th May - Cedar City

Middle of nowhere - filling up
2 pumps and that was it!

A real long day driving today. 537 miles from our hotel in Lake Tahoe, across the entire state of Nevada to Cedar City in Utah. 537 miles in 9 hours and 35 minutes.

We stopped for breakfast in Carson City and then didn't stop again other than for fuel till we reached Cedar City. Phew!

Saw just the inkling of some snow drops as we drove the 25 miles between Tahoe and Carson City.

Had to go to 3 servos in Carson City before we could get fuel. Stupid petrol stations and their zipcodes.

The drive across Nevada was much greener than I thought it would be. Very scenic snow capped mountains. I wouldn't say it was a fun drive, bit it was OK.

We lost an hour along the way and arrived in Cedar City at 5:25pm. Nice to be with Amy and Steve again.

Day 35 - 27th May - Cedar City

After yesterday's long drive and the issues with the altitude we had a pretty quiet day today.

Some shopping, some TV watching (Iron Man) and some talking.

Tomorrow we are going to St George.

Just winding down now, this time next week we will be home. As much as we enjoy our time in the USA we are fine with going home. Our own bed, see Ryan and Scott and of course Hunter.

Day 36 - 28th May - Cedar City

Another quiet day. After a long trip it is nice to relax before we head home on Wednesday.

Rayls and Amy headed off just after 9am to St George, around 45 minutes drive away. Nice drive too!

Steve and I headed to St George a little while later, shopped in 3 stores and then met up with the girls at a Cracker Barrel for lunch.

Steve and I headed back to Cedar City after lunch, the girls kept shopping till 5pm and then headed home.  They did the Quilted Apple, Ben Franklin, Quilted Works, Michaels, Jo-Ann's, Roberts, Kohls, JC Penney, Coldwater Creek and Barnes and Noble, They bought fabric, beads and charms.

We had Applebees Car to Go for dinner and watched a movie (In Good Company) before bed.

Not sure what is in store for me tomorrow, the girls are having a craft day and Steve is working - sigh!

Day 37 - 29th May - Cedar City

That's me being a tourist. Pointing at Providence Center Lighthouse in Cedar City
Providence Center Lighthouse

There is no doubt that the people of Cedar City are prepared!

Cedar City is around 400 miles or 640 kilometres from the coast at Los Angeles and yet the good people here are prepared with a lighthouse for when that major earthquake sees California fall into the ocean!!!!

Today Rayls and I checked out the lighthouse which is at the Providence Center Shopping Mall. It actually has a light that is illuminated at night but there are few ships that pass by. Interstate 5 is just a few hundred metres away and they say 5 million vehicles pass by each year.

We had another quiet day with Rayls and Amy making birds nests and me just pottering around on the computer.

We did do a couple of shops prior to lunch (Christensens and Bealls) and Arbys for lunch.

We had a very pleasant salmon dinner and watched a movie (It Came from The Sky) in the evening.

Day 38 - 30th May - Cedar City

We do enjoy our time in Cedar City, sadly this is our last day on this trip. As much as we enjoy seeing the country it is nice to also relax and chat with our friends Amy and Steve and their son Daniel.

Amy made us pancakes for breakfast today - yum.

Rayls then started the packing. She is the expert here but I butted my nose in and there was debate on how best to go about getting all the stuff back home. The result is we have 4 bags weighing just under. but close to. the allowed 50 pounds (23 kilos) limit.

In the afternoon we went to the movies with Amy and Steve and saw Iron Man 2.

Steve grilled burgers and 'brats' for dinner and along with Amy's salad it was a nice dinner.

Again we watched a movie in the evening (Cold Mountain). It is just so pleasant watching a movie as the sun sets and with the view over Cedar City from the lounge.

After the movie we said our good byes to Steve who is off early in the morning.

Tomorrow we head back to Las Vegas for our last 2 nights before flying home on Wednesday night.


Comment by Aimsee |

Sounds like Cedar City was loads of fun and relaxing. So nice.
Loved the lighthouse photos. : -)))

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_, hi admin, I recently found this web page from and read many of your several other posts. They are amazing. Pleasee continue this great work!!! Sincerely,