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7th April 2014 - Cedar City

Rayls and Amy

Sadly our last day in CC. Tomorrow we drive back to Vegas and on Wednesday back to LA.

Today I ordered tickets for the pilot of a new sitcom which is being recorded on Thursday night. It is called "Your Family Or Mine". It may be a dud but the attraction is one of our favourite actors, Richard Dreyfuss. Be nice to see him in person.

Amy has fruit and vegetable smoothies for lunch and I have been experimenting with them. Best way to have yucky healthy food without it being yucky. I have ordered a blender on ebay which shoud be delivered back home not long after we get back.

The big news of the day; Rayls and Amy went to both a Jo-Ann and Walmart store and didn't buy anything!

Quiet afternoon, Amy made a great dinner - we watched a movie "Across the Universe", it's a musical set to Beatles music. In the evening we watched the movie One Chance whch had to be downoaded on my iTunes account, that worked fine, so we watched the Aussie movie "The Castle" - seemed to get a chuckle or two from Amy and Steve.

Tomorrow we move back to Las Vegas for a night and then on Wednesday back to LA where we will spend the last few nights with Maria and Charlie before flyng home late Saturday night.  Ryan will meet us back in LA on Thursday night. I am told he had a 'big' Saturday night - so I never heard from him on Sunday. He told me he and his mates had a pedicure, I am not sure if that was part of the big Saturday night.

As always a fantastic stay here in Cedar City, thank you so much to Amy and Steve.

6th April 2014 - Cedar City

Amy and Steve kindly shouted us to the movies today, in celebration of it being 40 years to the day since Rayls and I went on our first date together. Forty years ago we went to the Galaxy Drive In to see Carry on Loving and Father Dear Father. Today we went to St George to see The Grand Budapest Hotel. We all went away from the theatre not sure if we enjoyed the movie or not - it was kind of weird but a good movie.

After the movie we went to the nearby Texas Roadhouse Restaurant, nice place.

The weather is almost perfect, beautiful blue skies 

5th April 2014 - Cedar City

Another day in CC, coolish with some rain and even some hail later in the day.

Ryan is in Phoenix, I assume having a blast with his pals. He will meet up with us again in LA, maybe next Friday. Not sure when we will head back to LA, some time this coming week.

We did a shop run with Amy. Other than that at home watching TV and on the computer.

Dinner at Sizzlers and we watched Dan in Real Life on TV.

Today in the mail we received a model Wal-Mart truck, a gift from our pal Jim on the other side of the country. Thanks Jim, this will be going straight to the pool room!

4th April 2014 - Back to Cedar City

Today we took it easy to some degree, yes -  even easier than normal.

Slept in a bit - disappointed with the hotel, trouble logging onto the internet, the buffet was poor and then the on-line check out was down. I let fly a bit when I checked out and got the $16.95 service/rip off fee back. I do expect better from a high quality hotel like Sunset Station.

We pottered around Henderson a bit - the Galleria Mall has major development going on. Around 1pm we started the drive back to CC. We lose an hour on the way back so it was already 2pm CC time. We stopped at Mesquite on the Nevada border and then into Arizona and that steep drive through the Virgin River Gorge bak into Utah.

Amy had some plan to give Rayls an excuse to go to Michaels in St George. We also checked out Lowes, which is a large hardware store - just to get some ideas for home.

Back into Cedar City around 6pm. We watched Fifty First Dates on TV with Amy and Steve.

Ryan seems to be enjoying his time with mates in Phoenix. Poor Scott is having a tough time of it at home but is OK.

3rd April 2014 - Las Vegas

Ryan's Camaro

We all left CC at 9:00am to head down to St George, 45 minutes away - the speed limit beween the 2 towns is 80mph, which is around 130K.

Steve had to take his vehicle to the Honda dealer in St G for a service. Amy had to go down for necessary supplies, she and Rayls went down in her car. Ryan and I went down in the clunky Jeep we have.

At St G. Rayls joined up with Ryan and I and we headed further south, firstly at Mesquite so Ryan could check out Lee's Liquor Store and then onto Las Vegas. It is a two and a half hour drive from CC to Vegas. However, given the time change between Utah and Nevada we get to Vegas an hour and a half later.

We called into another Lee's Liquor where Ryan got what he wanted. Then Subway for lunch. 

Ryan is heading to Phoenix to spend a week with mates. He needed a car to rent so we dropped him off at Alamo and waited around the corner for him to meet up with us to exchange luggage. He wanted to rent something sporty, Rayls guessed it would be black, I said red! He got a Chevrolet Camaro, very nice.

So Ryan headed off on the 5 hour drive over the Hoover Dam and onto Phoenix. Rayls and I headed to Christmas Goose, a quilt shop. Then to Michaels, 90 minutes later we headed to Hobby Lobby. Whilst Rayls was at Michaels I checked into the hotel, we are in the Sunset Station in Henderson. Ryan actually made it to Phoenix before we got into our room.

We had dinner in the hotel buffet, very disappointing. Back in the room we watched the new episode of The Big Bang Theory, this was the episode they previewed for us last week. Next weeks new episode is the one we saw recorded.

To sum up. Ryan is in Phoenix, we are in Vegas and tomorrow we head back to Cedar City for 3 more nights.

2nd April 2014 - Cedar City

Daniel and Rayls

A pleasant day, as always in CC.

Amy and Steve's son Daniel called in - he is a Paramedic fifefighter. He showed us over his work vehicle. He has done very well for himself, espicially given he is just 20 years old.

Rayls spent most of the day helping Amy to reorganise her studio. They did a trip to Jo-Ann's and WalMart.

Steve, Ryan and I had lunch at a Carls Junior.

Amy made a nice chicken dinner.

We all watched the movie The Man Who Knew Too Little.

1st April 2014 - Cedar City

A nice quiet day in CC.

Rayls did a few loads lof laundry. She went out with Amy to do some shopping and they both spent a fair amount of time in Amy's studio - which seemed to get Amy's head spinning.

We all went to lunch at the world famous Market Grill, where Karen served us. She has been working at MG ever since our first time there in 2001 and probably a lot longer than that. The banana cream pie was of its usual high standard.

After lunch Rayls and Amy headed off to do their thing, Ryan and I went to the movies - we had an hour to kill so we went to Wal-Mart to pick up a torch for our pal Freddry and then headed to Christensens. They have one of these panthom 50% off sales. Turns out you have to buy one item to get a second item 50% off. Not 50% off in my book. Fascinting thing about the music they were playing in Christensens was that the song was The First Noël - surely a Christmas Carol. This is Utah..... but Christmas in April???? Maybe it was an April Fools thing!

Ryan and I saw the new Arnie movie - Sabotage. Wasn't that bad and I always enjoy a movie.

We had pizza for dinner and watched A Beautiful Mind - 100% better than last nights movie choice.

31st March 2014 - Cedar City

Ryan sorting out the ice

We have made it to Cedar City. We will be here, off and on, till Monday.

We started the day 150k's from CC in Richfield. Terrible start to the day when I turned the hotel TV to CNN and saw Tony Abbott being interviewed about the search for MH370. The hotel was a bust Internet wise, couldn't stay on line for more than a minute. Therefore only one photo was posted from yesterday. I will try and fix that.

The car was covered in ice and it took a while to get it ready for the road. The power windows would not work as the windows were closed solid with ice. Ryan had the smarts to pour water over the windows, which seemed to sort it out. Windscreen wiper fluid worked well on the front window. All good and we had breakfast at Maccas before hitting the road. here was a few more k's of I70 before we turned south on I15. I15 runs from San Diego in the south through Las Vegas, Cedar City and Salt Lake City and then ends at the Canada border.

We arrived in Cedar City around noon and were greeted by Amy and Steve whom we hadn't seen for ages! Last week!

Everyone wh knows me well knows I love Cedar City and in particular Amy and Steve's house. Paradise. Amy and Steve are like sister and brother to us, except I see them more than my real siblings - sorry about that Cath. They are fit, adventurous, outdoorsy people. However we get on very well anyway!

We all did some shopping, another Wal-Mart! Even Ryan bought some clothes.

Lunch was purchased at Jimmy Johns and Arbys.

We spent the day doing what we do; chatting, working/playing on computers and enjoying being here.

Dinner was at Sizzlers and then we went to a Red Box to rent a DVD for the night. Wolf of Wall Street, Amy gave it 10 minutes and went down to her studio, the rest of us oldies endured 30 minutes and gave up. What a horrible movie. Ryan watched it through to the end.