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19th March - Las Vegas to Cedar City

It was a comfortable 300 kilometre drive from Las Vegas to Cedar City today, 3 states - Nevada, Arizona and Utah.

We left Vegas around 8am and stopped for fuel and breakfast just next to the Nellis Airforce Base just a few K's north of Vegas. Traffic was heavy and roadworks didn't help.

After an hour we made a short stop in Mesquite before continuing on I15, into Arizona and through the Virgin River Gorge up to the Utah border and into St George. Rayls did all the driving and she is going really well.

At St George we met up for lunch with Amy and Steve. Always nice to meet up again. After lunch, instead of taking the direct I15 route to Cedar City we took the longer way through the town of Veyo where we stopped at a pie shop. Nice banana cream pie to enjoy over the next few days.

In CC we will stay with Amy and Steve until Friday. We are both dog tired but managed a Wal Mart stop and dinner at Sizzlers before chatting with Amy and Steve until around 9pm.

We both slept as well as we can these days.

20th March - Cedar City

Just a quiet day in CC. Rayls and I headed out to Home Depot, Rayls managed to sneak away and buy my birthday gift.

We went to a few other stores before buying lunch and heading back to the house. Pottered around the house, Rayls and Amy did go to a Quilt Shop Rayls found but apparently not so good and no purchases made. Amy made a nice chicken dinner and we watched a movie. Nice day.

21st March - Cedar City

Dreadful nights sleep for me but we push on.

We all went up to Brian Head to drop Steve off. Brian Head has an average annual snowfall of over 360 inches, and has an elevation of 9600 feet. Steve was going cross country skiing with some friends. He was going around 8 miles and it would take about 4 hours. Seems tough going to me.

Brian Head is about a 40 minute drive from CC. Having dropped Steve off we headed back to CC and it's mere 5000 feet altitude. I was dropped off at the house whilst Rayls and Amy went to Joann's. They also bought lunch which they brought home.

After lunch they went back out to Ace Hardware and I tagged along. Rayls checked out the fabric, major purchase, and I checked out the store. They are developing the lay out of the store and it seems the firearm section is only about half the size it was before. the fabric section seemed much larger. Good sign.

The car has an error message referring to the front right tyre being under inflated. The service went to didn't gibe air readings, it just filled up the tyre. Now it is over inflated and the error message remains. Pain. Need to go somewhere that gives air pressure readings.

22nd March - Cedar City

Rayls and I headed off to the main street so Rayls could check out a quilt shop. Then to Walmart and back home.

Lunch was Amy and Steve's treat at Market Grill.

Quiet afternoon.

We all went to Applebees for dinner.

Leaving for Salt Lake City tomorrow.