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Cedar City again

Wednesday 22nd August, 2001 to Friday 24th August, 2001

There are no diary entries for these days other than to say quiet days in Cedar City.  There is one further entry in Amy's handwriting which says "Had a great day with Amy, what a good person!!"  Can't argue with that.

Saturday 25th August, 2001

Today we chatted on the phone to Ryan home in Perth.

Rayls and Amy go shopping and Gary and Scott play table tennis.

After lunch we all play table tennis and have another quiet afternoon.

At 7:00pm we go and try archery at a school oval and Gary and Scott also kick a soccer ball around.

A quiet day with Arbys for dinner.

Sunday 26th August, 2001

Amy, Gary and Rayls head off to Zion National Park.  About an hour and a bit from Cedar City

Scott spends the day relaxing at Cedar City.

Upon arrival at Zion we check out the Visitor's Centre and then caught the shuttle bus to the last stop where we had a fantastic walk.  A path between two mountain peaks, very cool with a pleasant stream - lovely setting.

After the walk we took the shuttle bus back to The Lodge where we had an ice cream and a drink and a cookie.  Also checked out the gift shop.

Then shuttle bus back to the Visitors Centre and head home via a ceramic shop and a gift shop.

Arrived back in Cedar City at 3:10pm and had a quiet afternoon/evening.

Monday 27th August, 2001

At 8:30am Rayls and Steve go flying over Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Brian Head and Cedar Breaks.  They saw a lava flow 10 thousand years old.

They returned to Cedar City airport ay 10:00am.  At 10:45am Gary, Rayls, Steve and Amy go to Daniel's school where Gary talks to the students about Australia.

Market Grill for lunch - Scott came along for this one.

In the afternoon Rayls goes shopping, has a hair cut and then more shopping.   Gary and Scott assist Steve putting a trailer together and play table tennis.

Gary cooks a roast chicken dinner for dinner.

Tuesday 28th August, 2001

A very quiet day.

At 5:30pm Amy, Steve, Gary and Rayls goes to Wingers for dinner and then to Cinema 8 and see the movie Rat Race.

After returning we all talk with Ryan in Perth and Gary works on web sites.

Wednesday 29th August, 2001

Gary spends much of the morning working on web sites.   Rayls does the laundry and makes a pavlova.

At noon Amy, Gary, Rayls and Scott meet Steve for lunch at Hogi Yogi.

Relaxing afternoon - Gary and Scott playing table tennis and Rayls and Amy go shopping at Victorian Secret, a bear shop and Wal-Mart.

Gary goes on-line and books the accommodation in London.  South Ealing Guesthouse.

At 4:00pm Amy, Gary and Scott play tennis at a University court.

Bacon, eggs and pavlova for dinner.

TV watching.

Thursday 30th August, 2001

At 9:00am Amy, Gary, Rayls and Scott drive to St George.  It is very hot in St G, 105F+.

Rayls checke out Sears, JC Penney, Dillards and Halmark whilst Gary and Scott played mini golf and a batting cage.  Scott did OK, Gary could only hit the slow pitches.

At noon we meet up and got to Arbys for Rayls and an Italian Food place called Fazolis - meatball subs for Gary and Scott.

12:50pm Holland House - antiques and bears.

13:10pm drive back to Cedar City.

Quiet afternoon.

All of us go to Rustys for dinner.

Web site work in the evening for Gary.

Friday 31st August, 2001

Our last full day in Cedar City - Steve is going off for training and we say our goodbyes to him.

We go to the post office and post numerous packages home.  Lunch at Burger King, McDonalds for Scott.

At 2:00pm Scott goes to the movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - US release today.  Gary stays home and Rayls - you guessed it, she goes shopping at Wal-Mart, K Mart and Albertsons.

Relaxing afternoon.

At 7:00pm we all meet up (minus Steve who is away) and go to Hermies for dinner - a 60's style Diner.

Afterwards we go to Cedar City High School and watch the second half of a football game.  The real American thing with a band, cheer girls and about 250 more spectators than a high school football game back home - there was 250 spectators there!

Back home at 9:45pm.