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Cedar City

Friday 24th April 2009

We were up early as we wanted to make Cedar City by lunch time.  Checked out at 9:15am and headed up the 15 where we stopped just before the Arizona border at a place called Mesquite where we bought a Macca's breakfast.

Then it was over the border into the Arizona for about 20 minutes as we headed up the mountain pass and into Utah.  AS we crossed the border into Utah we lost an hour and so our two and half hour drive to Cedar City ended three and a half hours after we started in Vegas,

Cedar City is in southern Utah, right on the Rockies and is just the most beautiful place.  It is home town of our friends Amy and Steve and we arrived at their house just a minute or 2 before 1pm.  Amy was home and it was good to see her again and we chatted for a while.  Steve and son Daniel are away till tomorrow night.

Around 3pm we drove up into the mountain so that Scott could see snow and he and Amy had a snow fight whilst I videoed it - kept dry that way.

Afterwards it was down into Cedar City again and a trip to Wal Mart and then back to the house.

Just after 5:30pm we went to Applebees for dinner and then back to the house where we watched TV and chatted.

Saturday 25th April 2009

Scott took off at 11am to drive back to Las Vegas for a show.  He will be back tomorrow.

Amy and I drove the 45 minutes to St George.  She had to pick up son Daniel so we left at 11am and shopped in St George before we picked up Daniel.  We checked out some fabric stores looking for stuff for Rayls - minor success.  Also checked out some other stores and had lunch at a Subway.  It was a good time and Amy is good and understanding company.

After picking up Daniel we headed back to Cedar City.  Soon after we arrived there, Steve came home - good to see him again. 

Steve cooked burgers on the grill for dinner - very pleasant dinner and during the evening we watched TV.


Scott went to to the Brittany Spears concert at the MGM in Vegas.  He had a close encounter with Paris Hilton and entourage during the show but does not seem to have suffered any ill effects. 

Sunday 26th April 2009

Today was one of those nice quiet Cedar City days I enjoy so much.

Watched TV in the morning, I seem to remember some very nice cinnamon buns for brekkie. 

Scott got back from Vegas around 2:30pm and around 4pm we headed to the movies to see The Soloist.  Scott was tired and stayed home.

Dinner was a very nice dinner of salmon, rice and salad.

We all watched the trip DVD Scott created after last years trip - very imprressive.

We started to watch a movie around 8pm but none of us lasted and it was a fairly early night.

Monday 27th April 2009

The problem with visting Cedar City is that all good things come to an end.  Amy, Steve and Daniel are great people and our visits there always seem short.  This visit was very short bit hopefully Rayls and I will be here again next year.

Scott and I packed in the morning.  We have two extra bags, one loaded with soft drink and the other with items we have bought on the trip. 

At lunch we went with Amy to meet Steve at the Market Grill diner.  Very nice lunch, the food was good and it was nice to be there with Amy and Steve.  Steve, Scott and I even managed desert, Steve and Scott had the coconut cream pie and I had the world famous banana cream pie.   Yummy.

After lunch we went back to the house and loaded the car.  Farewell to Amy and onto the road back towards Las Vegas. 

At St George we stopped at Fiesta Park and played the second test of our mini golf series.  I had won the first test very comfortably in Sacramento a few days ago.  This was just an 18 hole course so we played it twice.  I won the first 18 by 1 and Scott won the second by 1 so it was a tie.  We had been to this golf course in 2001 and we have since had a standing joke about this place and the the fact that it was the one place in the USA where the service had been bad.  This time the service was very good and they even let us play the second 18 for free - they have redeemed themselves.

After the golf it was back on the road and down through Arizona and into Nevada.  A little way after Mesquite Scott realised we were low on fuel but we managed to make it to a gas station OK.

We got into Vegas at 5pm and made it OK to the MGM Grand where we were booked for 3 nights.  Scott was very unhappy with our room and and cancelled the 2nd and 3rd nights and booked the Wynn.

We went to the Tropicanna for a buffet donner and even managed to lose $1 on the one arm bandit.

Another long day, started in the very pleasant environment of Cedar City and ended in the hussle and bussle of Vegas.