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Flying is all part of the fun of travel. When you live in Australia and want to go anywhere out of the country then flying is unavoidable.  Flying to the USA from Australia can involve a flight of up to 14 hours duration and you just have to do the best you can - there is usually TV to entertain, a good book can help but a sleeping tablet may be the best option.  Be nice to fly first class in one of those capsules but alas that is not an option for us.

On our previous travels to the USA we have flown Perth to Sydney and then Sydney to LA. On the 747 leg between Sydney and LA we have always tried to get seats close to the back of the plane. The last 5 or so rows of window seats taper down to just 2 seats between window and aisle. This means that one of us has a window seat and the other an aisle seat and no third person to disturb when we need a restroom break and more importantly no person to disturb us.

Although Gary in particular hates standing in line, even he accepts delays when disembarking from an aircraft.

Amazing all those people who get up to get their cabin luggage even before the plane has stopped. Take your time and relax, it's not worth the hassle.