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Home 4th May

So here I sit at home, Hunter at my feet and another trip is over. 329 days to go to the next trip.

We had 2 hours in Sydney before our next scheuled flight to Perth. Not a lot of time when you have Immigration, Baggage, Customs, Bag Drop and a shuttle bus to catch.

Immigration was OK, Rayls got rejected by the camera and had to go through the manual entry but all good. Very busy in the baggage area but the bags came out OK. The system to get to Customs is an absolute joke. It is new and hopefully will be improved, couldn't be much worse. 

Bag drop was a breeze as was security and the shuttle bus. We made it to gate 11 with 35 minutes to spare. Our flight to Perth was delayed for 25 minutes due to an engineering issue.

Flight was good. Ryan met us at Perth around 11:30am - Hunter seemed happy to see us.


It was a great trip. So nice to get to know Amy and Steve again. Nice to spend time with Scott and Shannon and it was especially nice to spend time with Shannon's parents Maria and Charlie. Wonderful people and we all seemed to get on really well together. It was also nice for Rayls and I to be together, we had a lot of fun.