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Houston 30th October

It was another long day today. I personally had a bad night coughing and spluttering from the cold I picked up last week. Very little sleep.

Breakfast at the hotel before heading out at 9:00am to the Space Centre Houston. We were just about there when Susan remembered she had left the safe open in the room, cash and passports inside. So we had to go back, close the safe and returned to the Space Centre right on time for the 10:00pm opening.

We all did the tour of Mission Control, the Astronaut Training Centre and the Saturn V Rocket. That Saturn 5 is massive, wow!

Did the rounds of the main centre including seeing the lectern where JFK made his ‘go to the moon’ speech and we were actually able to touch a piece of the moon.

Afterwards everyone had Shipley’s Donuts for lunch and then we headed around 80 K’s to just north of Houston where the ladies spent around 3 hours checking out a place called Old Springtown, a restored turn of the century railroad town containing antique shops, art galleries, fashions and other specialty shops. Ryan and I passed the time doing shopping of our own including time at an AT&T and an Apple store.

Managed to get away just after 6:00pm and we headed back to the hotel with a stop at Dennys for dinner and Walgreens on the way.

Houston 29th October

A slow start to the day, some of us did not get up till after 10:00am. Some of us got fed up waiting for the others and so went back to bed. We all had a good excuse; it had been a long day yesterday.

In the end we finally hit the road a bit after noon. We stopped at a Subway for lunch that had a clothing store called Dots next door - all three ladies bought something there, were impressed with the wonderful service and want to go back.

Then it was along I45 towards downtown Houston. There was a crash along the way and some delays but the ladies got to the Convention Centre well and truly on time for their classes.

Rayls and Susan did a long arm quilting class called Life After Stippling and Leanne and Kerry did an Applique class. 

Ryan and I did want men do and went back to the hotel and had our subway lunch next to the hotel pool and then had a nap.

We headed back to the Convention Centre for 5:00pm and the ladies came out at about 5:45pm all very happy with their efforts for the day.

It was then out to Pearland for a Cracker Barrel dinner. Everyone enjoyed the dinner and the ladies loved the gift shop area, more purchases made.Back to the hotel around 9:00pm where the four ladies spent a half hour or so doing a show and tell with their purchases.