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Carson (LA) 2nd May

Our last day, we head home tonight and should land in Perth lunchtime Saturday. As always it has been a great trip and as always we are OK about going home. Need to play with Hunter, say hi to Ryan and sleep in our own bed.

Today we all went and had lunch at Lucille's Smokehouse in Torrance. This place was fantastic, the food was so good and we all had a laugh as we chatted.

Maria and Charlie have been so kind to us, let us stay in their home and made sure that we have been well looked after.

Just after 2pm Scott took us to the airport to check n our bags all of which are full and maximum weight. No problems with the check in process and well worth going there early to avoid the later rush. All we need to do now is return the car, take the shuttle bus with just our hand luggage, go through security and catch the plane.

On the way back to the house Scott stopped at Home Depot so we could buy a gift card for Maria and Charlie. Real trouble there when they wouldn't accept Scott's ID. None of us has had problems with our ID before and Scott was firmly stating his case but the guy would not budge. So we left and went to a Staples store nearby and they sold gift cards for various companies and we could have bought a Home Depot one from there bit why give them the money. So we bought a gift card for Lowes. a major competitor of Home Depot and will never go to Home Depot. When giving the gift card to Charlie we told him the story and he stated he would never go to that store again either. Scott has emailed a complaint, be interested to see what happens, if anything.

Got fuel, and basically ready to go.

Given the enormous lunch we didn't really feel the need for dinner. We watched the first period of the LA Kings game had showers and after a farewell to Maria, Charlie, Scott, Shannon and Harley (whe we wanted to take with us) we headed off.

There was no problem returning the car. We travelled 4305 kilometres in the car. Shuttle bus to the airport. Security was the usual pain, but an all too necessary pain. The departure terminal seems new, we were there about an hour before boarding. QF12 another A380, VH-OQE.

Seemed to take off pretty much on time and it was a very uneventful flight across the Pacific. Had a very pleasant young man sitting next to us on the aisle, he was from Oklahome and travelling to NZ and Australia for a years working holiday. Hopefully he will come west and call in and say g'day.

The last few minutes into Sydney were bumpy but we landed OK and on time, around 6:10am on Saturday 4th May.

The Gang

Shannon, Charlie, Maria, Rayls, Gary and Scott
Shannon, Charlie, Maria, Rayls, Gary and Scott

Carson (LA) 1st May

Scott and Harley
Scott and Harley

Our last full day of this trip.

We started out by heading out to Silver Lake and the home of our dear friend Scott McKenzie who passed away last August. In his last few months Scott use to walk around his neighbourhood and we were able to join him on a few occasions. So to remember Scott we take that walk, we admire the gardens and pause outside Scott's house.

Given the tone of the day and the fact that Rayls and I are both taphophiles we felt it appropriate to travel to the nearby Forever Hollywood Cemetery. The Cemetery is right next to Paramount Studios and has great views of the Hollywood sign.

We visited the graves of Mel Blanc (That's all Folks), Estelle Getty, (Would you Believe) Don Adams, Jayne Mansfield, Cecil B DeMille, Tyrone Power, Peter Finch, Jules White, Rudolph Valentino, Clifton Webb and a few others. A very interesting few hours.

On the way back to Carson we called into a mall that included a JC Penney and a Sears.

Back home we were treated to the best ever barbie dinner. Thanks to Maria and Charlie. We started sorting out the packing and then sat outside and chatted around an open fire - another very pleasant couple of hours. Harley has kept us entertained. This dog has so much energy and pesonality.

Carson (LA) 30th April 2013

Scott and Shannon
Scott and Shannon

I have noticed this old guy on ads here in the USA that looked familiar. I googled him and found that his name was J.K. Simmons who has been in many TV shows. Turns out he is a year younger than me! Sigh.

Last night whilst chatting we were told that Circus Donuts had the very best donuts in the area. We decided to try them today but were surprised when Maria went out early and had a box of them ready for breakfast. Yum.

Around 1pm Scott and Shannon took us to San Pedro where we bought lunch at Busy Bee, a sub sandwich place which has become a local institution over the past 30 years. 

Took our lunch to Point Fermin, very scenic location where Scott proposed to Shannon last year. Point Fermin Park consists of 37 landscaped acres of tree-shaded lawns, sheltered pergolas, colorful gardens and a promenade along the edge of the palisade. The vantage point atop the rugged bluffs affords a breathtaking view of the coast toward Santa Catalina Island. It is the southernmost point in Los Angeles.

We then headed to the nearby Korean Bell of Friendship and Bell Pavilion. This massive and intricately-decorated bell and pavilion was donated in 1976 to the people of Los Angeles by the people of the Republic of Korea to celebrate the bicentennial of the U.S. independence, honour veterans of the Korean War, and to consolidate traditional friendship between the two countries. Cool place with fantastic ocean views.

Then to a lookout where we could see the entire Port of Los Angeles at Long Beach, just a little bigger than Freo.

Onto Redondo Beach where we took walk along the pier. A stop at BevMo on the way back to the house and then we spent the evening watching the LA Kings play St Louis in the first match of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Charlie, Shannon's Dad, spent 30 years in the Los Angeles Police Department. He retired after a distinguished career in 2010. In the house he has a wall dedicated to some of the highlights of his career. It is all very impressive and below is one part that caught my eye. He received a letter from the California Governor!!!!

The Governator!
The Governator!