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Orange County

Rayls waiting patiently

So the day started in our hotel room, the Sheratin in Garden Grove.

We were up at 5:00am to get ready for a planned departure from John Wayne Airport at 8:40am.

When we came outside we found it to be dark and very foggy. Made for a trying drive from the hotel to the airport.

No problems returning the rental car and it is just a short walk to check in. Both check in and security were a breeze and we were at our gate with over an hour to spare. Problem was the fog, our plane was coming in from Sacramento and couldn't land. The SouthWest people kept us informed, they were pretty good considering.


We eventually took off 2 and a half hours late which was after our Houston connecting flight in Phoenix. The flight to Phoenix was fine and we were in the air for 55 minutes and travelled 566 kilometres.. Once we got there they told us to go to see the people at gate C3 who would have boarding passes for our next flight, to wherever and whenever that might be we had no idea. Remember we were not the only ones trying to get to other places.

The people at C3 had boarding passes for a flight to Albequerque (in New Mexico) and then from there to Houston. This was becoming quite a chore.

An hour on the ground in Phoenix and we left for Albuquerque. Again a crowed plane with Rayls and I seperated at the rear of the plane. 536 kilometres to Albuquerque with 50 minutes air time.

We had about 30 minutes to wait for a 4:00pm departure in Albuquerque. Once we got on, again a full plane but Rayls and I together this time, there was a 30 minute delay whilst there was a problem closing the cargo door. Much banging and crashing below but eventually they got the duct tape on OK and off we went to Houston.

Rayls had tickets for the Preview Night at the Quilt Festival which started at 7:30pm but after landing at 7:25pm and then needing to take the shuttle and renting a car the Preview Night was gone - there is always next year Rayls. The flight to Houston was 1258 kilometres and took 1 hour and 35 minutes air time.

Bags were on the carousel when we arrrived, straight onto the shuttle bus to Alamo. Got the car easy enough.  The people talk like Texan here, broad accent y'all. Just a 3 minute drive to the hotel a Days Inn which is rated on Trip Advisor as the number 1 hotel of over 300 hotels in Houston.

Settled in to the room and then to the Dennys just a couple of hundred metres up the road for dinner.

Back to the hotel and asleep by 10:30pm. Had been a long day. Now 3:30am and I am awake and typing this.