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Los Angeles

Thursday 30th April, 2009

We were up around 9am and checked out of the hotel around 10:30am.  The Wynn was the best hotel I stayed at, very nice and bright and clean.  The view was awesone although I never went very close to the window, which went from floor to ceiling.  Scott would stand at the window and look out, this made me queasy so no chance of me getting close - I just admired the view from a distance.  One of the things I enjoyed was watching the planes coming into land - they were about a mile way and low as they came into Vegas airport - saw one that was all over the place, seemed to do some strange banking late in its approach.

So we checked out and hit the road.  Stopped just out of Vegas at a Jack in the Box for breakfast/lunch and then onto I15 to Barstow where we stopped for fuel and then back onto I15 and onto LA.  Our hotel is a very nice Sheraton in Aneheim.  We are here for the last 3 nights of our trip.

Game six of the Bulls/Celtics NBL game was starting soon after we arrived and so we watched that - it went a lot longer than we thought, the Bulls won by 1 after triple overtime.  Great game.  There is a Target across the road so I went over and checked that out for a few minutes.

It was 8:30pm before we headed out to Camelot mini golf for the third test of our series.  Interesting course, we sort of played 3 x 18 hole courses and Scott won very easily.  So we are even 1 win and 1 draw each after 3 tests.

After the golf we went looking for a KFC and then back to the hotel.  440 k's driving today and then the golf, a long day.

So we are back in LA and are on the last stop of what has been a good trip.  We are both sad to be leaving but happy to be going home - if that makes sense.

I tawt I taw a puddy tat - not sure abut the guy behine me
Me and the gang

1st of May - wow!!!

A long day today.

Six Flags Adventure Park is as far north of LA as Aneheim is south.  So it was 90 k's (55 miles) to the theme park.  I did wander over to Target again before Scott got up. 

We left the hotel around 10:20am and it took a bit over an hour to get to Six Flags.  We were on the I5 for 95% of the trip and there was a few hold ups but the going was pretty good.

The Six Flags was the best of the three we have been to on this trip.  The New Jersey Six Flags was a probem due to the very large group of people spending the day there who were the rudest of all the Americans we have ever met.  The San Francisco Six Flags was busy and hot.   Today was cooler and not so busy.  I had a meeting with Sylvester and Tweety Bird - that was cool, see the photo.

Scott rode on a few of the coasters and I rode on one - that was enough me, I rode the Goliath with Scott.  Wow, that caused me some havoc for a while - very dizzy and ill.

After Six Flags we headed back down the 5 and tried a Maccas for a late lunch but the place was so new it wasn't even open yet so we went to a near by In and Out Burger.  Then we drove the 90 k's back to the hotel - took a little longer, around and hour and three quarters and we arrived just after 5pm. 

After a comfort stop we headed out again and checked out a hockey shop for Scott, more weight in our bags.  Then to a Walmart - more weight again and finally to a Frys Electrics for some more weight.  Our bags are going to very close to the limit. 

Finally we ended up at an Outback Restaurant - the Aussie place, and had an OK dinner before going back to the hotel around 10pm.

Good day.

2nd May 2009

Last day in LA and last day of the trip.

We went looking for an iHop for breakfast but found that it and other restaurants we went to were crowded.  We are close to Disneyland and its crowds.  We ended up with do-nuts and hot chocolate.

We went to Target across the road and some sports stores looking for Lakers gear.  Also back to Frys to get a couple of DVD's.

We got back to the hotel around 3pm and packrd our bags - lots of adjustment of weight from one bag to another.  looks like we are OK.

At 5pm we headed to an Applebees for our last dinner and then onto the 5 and into LA.  We went to a Dodgers game at Dodger Stadium.  Quite an experience with the game going to extra innings and the Dodgers beating the San Diego Padres in the 11th inning.   The car park was crowded but it was smooth sailing onto the 101 and the 5.  Took 25 minutes to get back to Aneheim and we stopped and Jack in the Box before heading back to the hotel.

That's pretty well it.  We are packed and will start our trip home around 8:30am tomorrow as we drive to the airport and fly home.