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To London

Sunday 2nd September, 2001 to Monday 3rd September, 2001

Our flight from LA to London, England is BA268.  It is a Boeing 747-400.  The Captain is Roger Andrews who advises our flight path will take us just east of Vegas (parachutes please), north of the Great Lakes, over Hudson Bay, south of Greenland, Iceland, landfall at Glasgow and final descent over Manchester.

We board at 8:20pm, back out at 8:32pm and take off at 8:45pm.  Our flight will be 5414 miles in 9 and a half hours.

Detailed description of flight coming up.

At 9:00pm (LA time) we are just south of Palm Springs and notice a full moon.

At 9:07pm 5356 miles to go.

At 9:10pm 33,000 feet up and 988 kilometres per hour (kph)

9:24pm, just east of Las Vegas.

9:25pm 33,000 feet and 950 kilometres per hour.

9:35pm we must be over Cedar City although it is not shown on the flight map.

Fly just south of Richfield and at 10:30pm we are just south of Casper, Wyoming.

Time for sleep.

At 3:00pm just south of Gotthab, Greenland.

Just prior to Iceland we take a right turn.

5:15am LA time and 1:15pm  London time we are 37,000 634 mph/1022 kph.  55 minutes and 493 miles to arrival.

1:20pm London time we are just south of Skye Island and Hebridas.

1:30pm just south of Glasgow and approaching Prestwick - 37,000 feet 603mph / 1100 kph and 44 minutes to arrival.

1:42pm just south of Lake District Park - 34 mins to destination and 383 kilometres.

1:45pm just slightly north of Blackpool.

1:48pm south west of Manchester.

1:52pm Captain advises we are starting descent into London Heathrow.

1:54pm very slightly east of Birmingham - 28,000 feet, 816 kph.  104 miles to go.

1:58pm just west of Coventry, 22,000 feet.

2:04pm just east of Oxford and truning towards London.

2:06pm 26 miles to go.

2:20pm we land.

2:24pm  we hold for 7 minutes waiting for a docking bay.

2:42pm we dock.

2:50pm off the plane and about a 20 minute line through immigration.  No problems with immigration and a 5 minute wait for bags.