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31st March 2011

The pins were still all there after this bowl.

We met up with the long lost Scott today. He went to the doc last night and the medication has him feeling a bit better. 

We had managed a sleep in till after 9am, still adjusting to the time change.

Scott came by around 11am and we chatted for a while before heading out to some shops. At one stage we left Rayls at a Michaels whilst Scott and I went 10 pin bowling. Haven't bowled for a while and it showed. Just a 67 in the first game including two consecutive gutter balls. Little better in the second game, 110. Arbys for lunch and iHop for dinner. Pleasant day and nice to be with Scott.

1st April 2011

Hot in Cleveland cast
Hot in Cleveland cast

A real early start today.

Scott picked us up at 6:20am - early so we could try and beat the LA traffic into downtown, around 55 K's away. Scott is feeling a little better whilst Rayls and I are doing fine. Today was a bit of a test though.

We headed along the 5, bypassed downtown and onto 101 before driving into the Hollywood Hills and getting as close as we could to the Hollywood sign. It was then a 6 K walk up hill around 500 feet, it seemed more till we arrived behind the Hollywood sign. We were just a stone's throw away, I know because Scott hit the H with a stone. Sadly my stone hit the fence in front of me - embarrassing. It was tough going up the winding road to the top but well worth it and a bit of fun.

Not sure if we were pranked on the way back - it is April Fools day. A lady told us there was a rattle snake in the middle of the path and to be careful as we passed by. I had earlier commented that I didn't think rattlers would be a problem as they surely were not native to this area. Scott and his mates had seen a mountain lion on a previous trip to this location. Anyway, no lion, no snake and the trip back was much easier and quicker.

We then tried to find our way, without GPS to our friend Scott McKenzie's house. It was a bit of a chore but we made it OK. Scott has not been well for some time and we knew our visit would be short - we just had some goodies to drop off, say hi and head off. Sadly Scott was not home so we dropped the goodies and headed back the 55 K to the area of our hotel where we had a nice brekkie at Carrows.

By this time it was just after 11am and we seemed to have done a full days work. We had a nap before just the two of us headed back into LA, another 55 K's, and more specifically Studio City and the CBC TV studios. We saw a taping of the TV series Hot in Cleveland, very funny and great to see behind the scenes of the making of a TV show. Some good stars in this show, especially Betty White and great to see them all in person.

So we left the hotel around 2pm. Arrived at the studio around 3pm. Sat in line till a bit before 5pm, we chatted to a nice couple from Kansas City, Missouri. Then into the studio and the show started at 6pm. There was a comedian, Michael Burger, who kept things together for the audience as the cast did their scenes sometimes numerous times  to get it right. It was more fun seeing them get the lines wrong! There was two guest stars of some note - Buck Henry (not that well known in Oz) and Huey Lewis.

The show was over at a little after 9pm and we headed back to the hotel via Burger King where I flaked out very quickly - now it is 4:30am and here I am typing away.

2nd April 2011

Magic Johnson statue at the Staples Center

Scott picked us up around 10:30am and we headed back into downtown LA and the Staples Center. Impressive place. We watched the NHL game between the LA Kings and the Dallas Stars. Good win to the Kings and a really good afternoon. The Americans do sporting events really well and we had a lot of fun. Even saw Scott and me on the big screen. The = 14 year old girl who sang the national anthem was awesome and as usual they recognised a returned service person with the respect he so richly deserved.

After the game Scott drove us back to the hotel and headed off to go with friends. Rayls and I decided to go out and do some laundry, pain to do but so glad it is done.

Little bit of shopping, dinner and Dennys and back to the room a bit before 9pm.

Tomorrow we leave LA and hope to make it up to Sacramento. No firm plans for the next 2 weeks, just drive up to Seattle and have a look around.