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Day 19 - 11th May - Kennebunk

Later start today after last nights baseball and 2am finish.

Jim and Bette picked us up at noon and we headed north towards Kennebunk. Weird name, Indian I believe.

Subway for lunch and then a quilt shop on the road to Kennebunkport, Mainely Quilts. No purchases!

Then to Kennebunkport where the senior George Bushes live in the summer - not there at present.

Along the coast to Cape Porpoise and a light house viewing.

We then meandered back to Moody Beach, with some snoozing going on in the back seat.

A stop at Dairy Queen, yummy.

Then a quick stop at Pine Tree Place Home and Garden for Rayls - purchases made.

For dinner we went across the road from the hotel again, we were there on Sunday night and it was OK. Tonight was bad bad bad. Luckily Shirley Bassey is still alive!

Back at the hotel just after 7pm.

Day 20 - 12th May - Portsmouth

Another slow day.

We started at 9:30am and drove down to Portsmouth in New Hampshire, and walked around the main street area which is quite historic and full of intersting shops.

After lunch at Rusty Hammer we headed back towards Moody Beach via Ogonquit for a look around there. Once again some interesting shops.

Early finish - we are both feeling a bit wiped out.

Dinner options were limited and so we walked to Jakes.

A word on my son's comment to my entry yesterday. Scott, my work jacket was the warmest I have, the jacket and the goofy hat kept me warm on a cold night and finally........... at least my blog is up to date!!!!!!

Today we headed around 30 miles north to Portland, Maine.

Beautiful weather, very crisp and clear - around 20C.

Portland is a nice city, very scenic, as is all of Maine I think. Lovely area.

We wandered around the shops in the main Portland area. Lots of pirate stuff to buy. Also checked out the port, no cruises - they start Saturday.

After lunch at a place called Deweys we headed towards the Portland Head Lighthouse. What a beautiful area this is.

I helped out a young man trying to take a family photo and we ended up chatting for 20 minutes. Compton Noble is originally from Guyana but now living in Portland. We chatted mostly about cricket.

We were back in the hotel by 3:15pm for a power nap.

Jime and Bette picked us up at 6pm and we headed 200 metres up the road to Stutseys, a Pub Grill. Very nice dinner.

Then a drive along the Wells Beach before back in the hotel a bit after 7.

Good day. Tomorrow is a laundry day, local shopping for the girls.

Day 22 - 14th May - Moody Beach

After nearly a week this is our last day in Maine. Tomorrow to Boston and Sunday fly to St Louis.

Rayls went off at 10:00 to do laundry with Bette.

They all came back just after noon and we headed out to lunch.

After lunch Rayls and Bette went shopping.

I just kept an eye on the cricket T20 semi final between Australia and Pakistan. Wow, Great win.

We all got together at Mainax Resturant for dinner - nice roast beef roll.

Dairy Queen for desert - banana split, health food of a nation. Yum!

Back in the room at 7:00pm.

Packing - off to Boston tomorrow.


Comment by Scott |

Did you wear the work pants with it? You know...just to complete the ensemble?

Comment by Eileen |

Looking forward to your visit to St. Louis and we will see you at the airport. See you soon.