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Day 16 - 8th May - Moody Beach, Maine

Crossing the Salmon Falls River into Maine

The trip from Tilton to Moody Beach in Maine was much shorter than thought. Instead of being 140 miles it was just 65 miles.

We crossed into Maine at a little town called Berwick and so have now been to every main land state of the USA. Including Hawaii, that makes 49 states, just 1 to go, Alaska.

Once again a very scenic drive, although it did rain all the way. After a long hot summer back home rain is good.
Once in Moody Beach Jim and Bette parked their camper and then Jim took us looking for a hotel. We soon found one with the important things in life - TV and internet - for just $38 a night. The guy behind the counter, who has the strangest accent, even mentioned that it was colour TV!!!

After settling in we went and had lunch at a diner and then checked out a couple of stores. One store specialised in light houses and the other was an old book shop. Light houses are big in this neck of the woods.

We are eating in tonight although there are a couple of restaurants within walking distance.

We will be here for a week. Tomorrow is much needed laundry and perhaps Porstmouth in the afternoon. Monday is a train trip to Boston for a Red Sox game at Fenway.

Day 17 - 9th May - Moody Beach, Maine

Outside Cape Neddick Light House
Cape Neddick Light House

Happy Mothers Day.

Laundry Day here, poor Rayls and Bette did around 3 hours of clothes washing. Much needed. Jim and I watched cooking shows on TV.

It was a little cool today, not freezing cold but cool, especially the wind which had a bite to it.

After lunch we headed south and called into a quilt shop, Knights Quilt Shop where whilst Rayls shopped I looked out the window at a squirrel, 2 chipmunks and a wild turkey feeding just outside the rear of the store, fascinating!

Then onto Cape Neddick Light House, a very scenic location, right on the Atlantic Ocean.

On the way back we called into Perkins Cove, this is the location for the outdoor shots in the TV series 'Murder She Wrote'.

Then via Ogunquit and back to the hotel by 4pm.

Dinner at The Hayloft tonight.

Tomorrow is out first ever trip to Boston.