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Day 1 - 23rd April - Part 2

First dinner
I love the food in the USA. Outback restaurant

We landed a few minutes early, nice views of LA as we landed. It probably took 20 minutes to get off the plane, lots of passengers and then a long walk to immigration. Long lines at immigration but we managed to sneak through in around 30 minutes.

Our bags were on the carousel and we placed them on a buggy and then another 20 minute line for customs, no problems there and we were soon out into the LA sunshine. 3 minute wait for the shuttle bus which took us to the Dollar Car Rental facility. Probably a 10 minute wait here and then you have to endure the rubbish as the lady tries to sell you extras/upgrades we don't believe we need.

We had about 10 cars to choose from and chose a Ford Focus, a nice car.

Scott had given me instructions on how to get to the hotel in Anaheim but I also set up the GPS which gave us the same route Scott had suggested in a matter oif moments.

No probs driving to the hotel, I seem to have this driving on the wrong side of the road down to a reasonable art. Took 35 minutes to get to the hotel mostly along the 405.

Before checking in we went across the road to the Target store and then eventually went ot the hotel around 1:00pm.  Thanks to Scott's maps all this was a breeze and we were soon in our room - 723.  After a brief unpack we both had a shower, bliss after 30 hours or so.

We were so tired we decided on a 3 hour nap. A 3 hour sleep is probably a good night for me most nights.

At 6:30pm we wandered outside and strolled the 200 metres to the Outback Steakhouse for an OK meal.  We were entertained during our meal by 6 different emergency vehicles blasting there way through the interestion of Harbor and West Chapman, Good to be back in the USA.

Then it was a walk back to Target to kill some time and we were finally in our room a bit after 10:00pm.

We are both very tired - it is after midnight - Saturday morning and I am falling asleep at the keyboard.  I will report more tomorrow. Buddy Holly musical tomorrow night.

Day 2 - 24th April - LA

Eggs, pancakes, bacon $3.99 - the orange juice is so good!
Carrows, first brekkie

Wow! Today was a long day.

I was up just before 6 and was entertained by the History channel on TV.  It started out with the history of coffee, then the history of milk, followed by the history of cheese (I learnt a few things there I wish I didn’t know) and then just before we headed out to brekkie they were on the history of the potato.

Just after 8am we headed to Carrows in Buena Park where we had a very pleasant breakfast of the eggs, pancakes and bacon for $4 each. They have the best orange juice there. We were served by Tina, who was originally from Britain, Wales to be exact. She was running around like a mad thing and when we paid the bill we chatted a bit – she went to the USA because it was too cold in Britain, She had worked at Carrows for 13 years and was very unhappy. Sad.

Then it was on to Cerritos for our first Wal-Mart visit of the trip. By the way we saw 3 Wal-Mart trucks as we drove from the airport to the hotel yesterday. So the count has started at 3. We also visited an AT&T store to get a sim card for my second phone so I can send less expensive texts home,

The GPS is playing up a bit and going dead for no apparent reason.  We struggled to find our next shop, a hockey shop where we looked at some skates for Ryan. No luck. Then it was onto a Frys store for some electrical stuff and a couple of DVD’s.

After this it was to a shopping mall where we both bought some clothing from a JC Penney.

We were back at the hotel around 4pm and wandered over to Target for a few supplies before a brief stop back at the hotel.

At a bit after 6pm we headed out on the 21 kilometre trip to Las Palmas and the very nice theatre there. We pulled into the car park and saw an IHOP so had dinner there. Rayls had the senior tilapia (fish) - the fish was quite young, it is Rayls that is the senior. I had the senior pot roast – my favourite at IHOP.  It was a great meal better than last night’s Outback and half the price.

Then it was onto the theatre and the Buddy Musical. Great show but I was just so tired I struggled to stay awake. I dozed off a couple or ten times but what I saw it was a fantastic show. Hope to see it again one day, when I am less jet lagged.


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