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Salt Lake City

Cracker Barrel - yum
Cracker Barrel in Salt Lake City

537 kilometres from Boise in Idaho and ending in Salt Lake City in Utah.

Very easy days drive - smooth roads, little traffic - did see our 100th Wal-Mart truck, total now is 102. Basically the drive was pretty flat with mountains on either side.

In our hotel, a Quality Inn near the airport - room 220, by 3:00pm.

Cracker Barrel for dinner - half an hour for food, an hour for the darn gift shop.

Tomorrow we should make Cedar City in Utah where we will stay for a few days.


In the photos below - someone needs to show the photo of me sitting in the Crazy Quilt shop man cave to Rayl's boss. All good quilt shops should have a man cave. Not sure if a fire place is necessay at Carols!

Boise, Idaho - 16th April, 2011

Scott will be happy, LA Kings 4 nil up late in the game.

504 K's today - average speed of 95 K's with a highest speed I won't mention.

Just an average day. We went through some mountain ranges but the scenery is getting flatter but still interesting enough. We crossed the border from Washington back into Oregon and eventually into Idaho.

We managed 3 quilt shops, saw numerous Wal-Mart trucks, had a great dinner at Dennys and spent some money at a Wal-Mart. At the Denny's we were served by a guy called Zach. He is a student at the local Univesity and works as a server part time. Nice young man who would love to come to Australia sometime soon. Hopefully we will see him in Perth, he made quite an impression on Rayls and I.

In a Comfort Inn just near the airport - room 215.

Aim to make Salt Lake City in Utah tomorrow - getting closer Amy!

Kennewick - 15th April, 2011

Here we are in Kennewick, Washington. 387 K's today with a top speed of 136 K's - oppps!

We left Tacoma around 9:00am and had breakfast at Maccas.

Then it was Highway 18 to Interstate 90 and east we went. It was slow going across the Snoquaimie Pass, part of the Cascades. It was snowing and traffic banked up - sure a pretty sight the freshly fallen snow.

We called into a little town called Roslyn which is just off the 90. This is the town where they filmed the outside shots from the TV show Northern Exposure. Really cool historic old coal mining town. We took some photos and Rayls spent quite a while at a place called Crazy Quilts. Great Quilt Shop with a man cave - nice spot for the men to sit whilst the ladies shop. The man cave has 4 comfortable chairs and a nice warm fire place and some books to read. I read part of a book called 'Why Dog's Poop' - from this I learnt that if you cut a worm in half you do not get two worms but one dead worm.

So Roslyn was a nice place - Rayls enjoyed the quilt shop, the people were nice there as well and the man cave was a great idea and much appreciated by this man.

After Roslyn it was back to I90 and further east to I82. Stop for fuel at a Loves Servo which happened to have a Dairy Queen next to it so I had a nice healthy lunch of pineapple, strawberries, some dairy products and a nice spilt banana - very healthy and very nice!

Kennewick was our destination - it is part of an area called the tri-cities. One of the towns is called Richland, I assume there is a third town but I don't know what that is called. We made it to Richland around 4:00pm and managed 2 quilt shops and dinner at Applebees before checking into the hotel, the Kennewick Quality Inn - room 422.

Tomorrow we are aiming for Boise in Idaho, nearly 500 K's I think. Then Sunday another 500 K's to Salt Lake City.