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8th April

Left Needles fairly early, glad to get out and headed north along Highway 95 into Nevada and the 179 K's to Las Vegas. We weren't doing anymore than a pit stop here, coming back later in the trip. We stopped at our favourite place the Bellagio. We checked out the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens which is currently a display for Chinese New year.

After an hour and a half we pushed on again to Cedar City. That's 275 K's along I15, back into Arizona for a bit. We got held up in traffic there but evently into Utah and onto Cedar City.

Nice to see Amy and Steve again. I tried to be sociable but i hit that wall again and by 5pm was in bed and slept for 12 hours.

7th April to Needles

We changed our mind and ended up driving from Yuma, via Lake Havasu to Needles in California. 

The Phoenix section just didn't work out and it added a couple of hundred K's for no real reason in the end.

So.... we drove to Lake Havasu, 250 K's. We were there very briefly in 2006 looking for the London Bridge. This time we found it. Lovely spot this, very scenic and I suspect a favourite with retirees and people who love the water. Rayls got to go to her second quilt shop, slow going there. We decided to push on and ended up in Needles, a very small town with not a lot going for it. I had wanted to push on closer to Vegas but I hit the wall and we both spend a pretty ordinary night in Snoopys brothers home town.