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USA 2014 - Day Two (continued)


15th March 2014 - Melbourne to Los Angeles

Once again Virgin did the right thing and boarded us early. Takeoff was pretty well on time; we flew over Coffs Harbour as we left Australia behind. Later we were just just north of New Caledonia and then flew over Vanuatu. Many hours later we flew north of the Hawaiian Islands. Most of the flight was at between 35000 and 38000 feet. Excellent flight, very smooth. Good service and food was as good as it gets on a plane even if the scrambled egg brekkie had run out before they got to us.

Started our decent at 7.52am LA time when we were 270 k's from LA and 12566 k's from Melbourne.

Crossed over The Channel Islands of California before crossing the coast just south of Santa Barbara. 

Landing from the east, all good. There is a new immigration area at LAX, all good there, although I did make a typo on both Rayls and my visa waiver application, which needed to be corrected.

The whole process from landing till we entered the outside area took about an hour.

Shuttle bus ride was interesting, we got talking to a couple which had just flown in from Sacramento. They fly in once a month to visit their son in prison. He has done 8 years of a 20-year sentence for some environmental 'crime' he committed. Apparently the son was made an example of, not sure what he did exactly but he didn't hurt anyone so 20 years seems a bit harsh.

Getting the rental car from Alamo was easy enough and we have a nice white Dodge for the next three days.

We went to Maria and Charlie's place via a Wal-Mart where we bough some supplies.

Maria and Charlie are the parents of Shannon. Shannon is our daughter in law to be, engaged to Scott. They live in Carson, around 10 K's south of LAX.

We got to Carson just a couple of minutes after midday and we chatted a bit. Ryan had yet to meet them.

Then it was time to have our first shower for a bit, Ryan wasn't going to bother because he got quite a wash from the two dogs Harley and Molly.

As I type this I am clean but in bad need of a sleep, more later.

3 hour nap later and I have updated the photos seen above and below. Ryan had a little less sleep nd Rayls didn't bother with a nap.

Maria and Charlie put on a very nice barbeque dinner, apple pie for desert.

Much throwing the ball for Harley and patting Molly, lovely dogs.

Now it is just after 9pm - still Saturday and we are watching the LA Kings play the Ducks in hockey. Weird to watch hockey in the evening and not in the morning like we do in Perth.

Still tired so not long to bed.

USA 2014 - Day Two


Day One sure didn't last long!

We left home a bit after 8pm on Friday night. Scott and Shannon drove Rayls and me to the airport. Freddry drove Ryan. We met up and checked in, the bags are gone till we get to LA.

Scott and Shannon left us and we went through security. A lady flight attendant ahead of us had her bag fly open with all her unmentionables over the floor. She didn't even notice till we pointed it out. She was a little embarrassed but no big deal. 

They boarded quite early. Must have been 45 minutes before scheduled departure. Consequently the plane backed out a few minutes early and we took off at 10.47pm. 

Flew over our house, Scott heard the plane fly over.

Just a few minutes short of a 3 hour flight to Melbourne. The first formula one Grand Prix for the season is in Melbourne this weekend. Not that we will see anything.

Started decent at 1.20am Perth time and we got to the gate at 1:45am Perth time, 4:45am in Mebourne. Very early and close to 7 hours to departure for LA. We were so early the international departure gate was not yet open. When it did open we went through security and immigration to a lounge area where Rayls and Ryan are sprawled out trying to get some sleep. From the sound of the snoring one of them is succeeding.

USA 2014 - Day One

Looking for luggage
Looking for luggage

14th March 2014 - Departure Day.

We fly out at 10:45pm, flight VA696 Perth to Melbourne.

Scheduled to land Saturday in Melbourne 5:20am (2:20am Perth time, 11:20am Friday in LA)

Scheduled to depart Melbourne VA23 (a Boeing 777) at Saturday 12:10pm (9:10am Perth time, 6:10pm Friday in LA)

Scheduled to land in LA Saturday 8:45am (Saturday 11:45pm in Perth)

My iPad is loaded up with 90+ episodes of the old Twilight Zone TV series - that should keep me occupied.

Rayls spent the morning making her self busy with packing stuff. I managed some garden work and put stuff on the verge for the road side collection. Lunch with my mate Glen who is a regular traveler himself. I got my pre trip haircut and beard trim, pity I can't say the same about Ryan. No thanks to you Cath!  Speaking of Ryan, he worked till 2pm.