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LA area

Not a great nights sleep, just too tired I guess.

We were on the way not much later than 8am and headed down Chapman to an iHop for brekkie. Had the 2x2x2. Two pancakes, two eggs and two strips of bacon - $4.99 each.

Then we headed to Cerritos and our regular stop at the AT&T store. We got a sim for my phone so that I can do unlimited texting, even to Australia, for just $2 a day. There is also a data package that allows me to surf the net on my phone.

In 1980 when in Europe I had to look for a week old Times newspaper in some far away place to get a cricket score from Australia. Now we are as up to date as one can be.

The AT&T store had a WalMart next door so we had to check that out. Totally different clothing as they are coming into winter. Costs seem a little higher, not as many bargains. There is empty shelves at all the stores where they are removing the Halloween stuff. There is Christmas decorations out.

One thing I noticed was that bananas were 19 cents each. That is way cheaper than home where bananas are so expensive due to the storms/flooding, etc. Must be $1.50each at home.

Sorry..... got distracted with that important info!

After WalMart we checked out a Kohls. No bargains, I only buy bargains.

Then we headed out to some fabric and quilt stores. The first fabic store was on Beach and Rayls spent 10 minutes there, not so good. Then we tried 3 more stores and had success at only one which was a fabric wharehouse. 30 minutes there. Rayls insists that the Quilt Shop count is at zero because both stores just sold fabric. Not sure what the difference is but never argue with the wife. No WalMart trucks yet either.

Around 1:30pm we headed east to Frys Electrical store on La Plama where I bought a cover for my new iPhone and of course we got distracted by the goodies as you head to the check outs.

Then it was back to the hotel, must have been a bit after 3pm. I tried to do some cricket work but the network was very slow and frustrating. We both had a nap - not really a good idea.

Around 5:30pm we were up and refreshed (ha ha) and went to a Dennys further down Harbor for dinner. First Dennys for the trip and it was a good one. We walked in to be greeted with a big smile by a lovely young lady who took us to our table. She had an accent, we have an accent and so we chatted and chatted. Lidia is originaly from Poland and is in the USA on a student visa. She had to work but we enjoyed our chat with her as she passed by our tabel. We exchanged email addresses and hopefully she will read this wonderful story.

After dinner we left with a big smile on our face and headed back to the hotel. The internet connection was still as good as useless so I came down to the Business Center (American spelling) and I have caught up with most of my cricket work, it was a busy weekend, and now this web site.

All is good, meeting people like Lidia is what I love about the USA. Have taken one photo on the trip so far, the one Scott took of us at Perth Airport - see below.

Tomorrow we fly to Houston via Phoenix.


We made it to LA OK. We landed a bit after 6:00pm (9:00am Tuseday back home).

The flights were long. The flight from Kuala Lumpur was 3460 kilometres which took 4 hours and 21 minutes. It was an hour and 52 minutes before take off on the next flight. Taipei to LA was a 12 hour and 41 minute flight that traveled 11,173 kilometres. Malaysia Airlines were fine, service good, food as good as it gets on a plane. The entertainment was vis a small screenTV in the seat in front and the choices of shows were fairly average I thought.

The flight from KL to Taipei took us over Vietnam, right over the top of Ho Chi Minh City. The flight to LA took us just south of Japan and we made landfall at the USA just south of San Francisco above Monterey. It was dusk as we landed in LA.

Took an hour and a half to do the usual procedures. The immigration guy had family in Melbourne so we chatted for a while, much to the frustration of the people behind us in line. Then about a 15 minute wait for bags and off to customs where we were tagged to go through for a check due to the food we declared. Just some goodies for the flight. The second customs guy sort of rolled his eyes and let us straight through, a one minute delay.

The usual hassle with the shuttle bus which takes about 20 minutes through traffic and regular stops to get us to the Alamo Car Rental place. It's Halloween here and lots of people dressed in costume. One of the ladies at Alamo was dressed as a fairy (like from the fairy tales) and another was dressed as a hippie (very sad). The car rental procedure was surprisingly painless, although they did charge me for a tank of gas - pre pay the gas and bring it back empty. That's fine if you are going places but we are only in LA for 36 hours and won't be going far.

Usual hassle finding the 405 but did it easier than last time. This is the first time the driving on the right side of the road has started at night but we did OK.

Checked in at the hotel, a Sheraton in Garden Grove, and went across the road to Target for some necessary stuff.

Then just a very light meal at Wendys and back to the room.

Lots of football on TV. There was 4 channels with football and 2 with some chick called Kim Kardashian, or something like that, being featured, she seems a big deal here.

Anyway, we are safe and sound in LA. It is now 2:33am and I can't sleep so here I am typing away.

Monday 31st October

Perth Airport

Made it to Kuala Lumpur OK.  Took off at 2:59am and landed at 8:00am. Flying distance 4276 kilometres.

Scott took us to the airport, we arrived around 12:30am. Bparding process was slow, didn't start till 2:30am which was the original take off time. Not the greatest departure area at Perth.

The flight was fine, only real issue was the quality of the TV screen, very ancient.

Finding the hotel within the airport complex took a bit. I was under the impression there was free internet but alas no.

The room is OK. We are here for 6 hours before our flight to Taipai at 3:15pm and from there to LA.


The flights maximum speed was 1028.2 kph and the average speed was 841.84 kph.

Saturday and Sunday

Ryan, Gary and Scott
Ryan, Gary and Scott

Our last couple of days at home have been very pleasant.

On Satureday the Hartman men who have between them played 572 games of cricket for the Kenwick Cricket Club. played in the same team for the first time. A great honour for me - Scott, flyng home from LA, beat the Qantas strike by minutes and came staright from the airport to play.

On Sunday Ryan, Chelsea and our friend Freddry came over for a very pleasant lunch and Scott then came for dinner and we chatted about his trip. Best Sunday I have had for years. Poor Rayls had to pack - funny how you have months to pack, then weeks, then days and then you are still runnng around doing things with minutes to go.

Anyway, we are about to leave for the airport so watch this space.