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Seattle area - 8th April, 2011

President Gaz
President Gaz and Air Force One

Another good day.

I do remember I had a bit of a scare a couple of nights ago, can't remember the town but I saw a public transport bus with the route number 72. Gave me a shudder! Reminded me of Sunday nights back home!

I think we have been here 12 days now and still haven't had a donut or a banana split but did correct one of the regular things we do on our travels by going to a gravesite. First for the trip.

No fridge in this hotel room so no milk and this no cereal so we went to an iHop for brekkie. Then onto a quilt shop for Rayls and after that we headed to the Greenwood Memorial Park, where we visited the gravesite of sixties rocker Jimi Hendrix. Regular readers will know that we have a reputation of visiting gravesites, memorials, etc.

After a brief visit with Jimi we headed to the Seattle Museum of Flight. Fantastic place, enjoyed nearly 4 hours looking around. Big thrill for me was to go aboard the first jet Airforce One. This aircraft has some amazing history and was the plane that JFK flew to Dallas in back in November 1963. You could actually board the plane and look through it - verrry interesting. There was also a British Airways Concorde you could walk through, very tight fit in that one. Enjoyable afternoon.

The Museum is next to Boeing Field and as we were leaving the car park we watched a plane land from just a couple of hundred metres away, it was a 787 Dreamliner - impressive. The 787 is currently undergoing flight testing with a goal of receiving certification in mid 2011.

We called into a Wal-Mart and a garden nursery on the way back to the hotel room and had dinner at Burger King.