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Singapore and Home

Wednesday 12th September, 2001

We start our descent into Singapore at 6:05pm, wheels down at 6:34pm and we see a lot of water and curving rivers as we come in to land at 6:37pm.

As we wait for our luggage we hear that the flight path had been further north than normal, flying over Russia instead of Afghanistan.

Sadly the trip diary notes end here but from memory we went straight to the hotel in a shuttle bus.  A very nice hotel it was, the best of the trip.  We watch TV to catch up with the events of 9/11 – we have been out of the loop for the past 15 hours.

Thursday 13th September, 2001

We have a lovely hotel breakfast and then head into Singapore where we spend the day looking around and shopping.

Mid afternoon we return to the hotel where we collect the bags that have been stored for us and catch the shuttle bus to the airport.

Our Qantas flight to Perth departs around 9:00pm and after the worst flight of the trip – the service was dreadful, we land in Perth around 1:00am on Friday 14th September just missing Ryan’s 22nd birthday by a few hours.

There is a small delay in customs as we forget to declare a cricket bat that Gary had taken.  We meet up with Ryan and head home to a reunion with our puppy Hunter.

We are glad to be home.  Looking forward to another trip to the USA but glad to be home.