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16th March

Stuff this 5:30am flights. Give me the red eye anytime. I would rather be at Melbourne for a few hours than having a miserable night, getting up at 3:30am.

So we had a good start with the check in chick advising us that I could not have the bulk head seat that we had booked some time ago due to having my arm in a sling from a recent operation. She insisted they were Exit Row seats which I couldn’t sit in due to my injury. Seemed to me I had booked bulk head seats and not exit row seats. Here I now sit in the first flight and it was not an exit row and I could have had the extra leg room. Stupid Qantas. Same as happened on the flight to LA. Stupid Qantas


Here we go again, this time it just may be for the last time.

We depart Perth on 16th March and head to LA via Melbourne. The Melbourne to LA portion in a nice new Qantas 787.

Arrival in LA is also on 16th March and we are in USA until 5th April, home on 7th April.