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Day 13- 5th May - Newburgh, NY

Today was a travel day. We did around 700 K's and the thing I find most fascinating is that at some time or another we were in 5 states. Try doing that in Oz!

We started the day in Dumfries, Virginia and with Jim and Bette headed along 66 and then 81 into West Virginia. 35 minutes later we crossed the Potomac River into Maryland. 11 minutes later we crossed into Pennsylvania and then through the towns of Harriburg and Scranton where we turned right onto 84 and ended up in Newburgh, New York.

Tomorrow we aim to make Meredith in New Hampshire where we set up for 2 nights.

Day 14 - 6th May - Tilton, NH

Today we left the state of New York and drifted into Connecticut, Massachusetts and finally New Hampshire.

We will be at a Super 8 Motel in Tilton, NH for the next 2 nights. We are around 20 miles from Center Harbor and Rayls beloved Keepsake Quilting. We will visit the store tomorrow.

After we checked in we drove up to Meredith which is a very beautiful part of the world. This is the area where 'On Golden Pond' was filmed.

Dinner at a diner and then back to the hotel by 6pm for a nice early night of updating web sites, TV and hopefully some sleep.

Tomorrow is Keepsake Quilting for Rayls and killing time for me.

Saturday we head for Maine.

Day 15 - 7th May - Center Harbor, NH

So we are 2 weeks into the trip and in 3 weeks we will be home. Time flies........

Today was another day for Rayls! We took a very pleasant drive to Center Harbor, New Hampshire where Rayls visited her favourite quilt shop, Keepsake Quilting.

On the drive to the quilt shop we stopped at a very pleasant spot called Squam Lake. I took a photo of Rayls standing on a pier (first photo above) this was the pier where in the movie 'On Golden Pond' where one of the characters comes in by boat to collect mail. Rayls tells me I have seen the movie but I deny that. She can't remember which character it was, maybe Jim can help.

Whilst Rayls did her two and a half hour stint at Keepsake (second photo), Jim, Bette and I wandered around Center Harbor. This really is a very scenic spot. Very nice.

One the way back to the hotel we went via Meredith, and on very scenic roads. Just a terrific location. Nice time to be here too, just before the summer rush. The weather is cool but not cold - just pleasant.

We had a fairly early afternoon and then went to Applebee’s for dinner, also checked out a Staples and a grocery store.

One thing I forgot about check in yesterday. After going to our room I noticed the room was nice and clean except for the bin which was full of rubbish. So I went down to the young lady at reception and told her that the room was fine but could they empty the bin as it was full of rubbish. The lady had no idea what I was saying; it was like I was from a different planet. As I tried to explain (with no luck) I was rescued by Jim who was there to translate. What I should have said was that the trash can was full of trash and could it be emptied. All fixed, it was funny at the time.

Tomorrow we head 140 miles to Moody Beach in Maine - that will be 49th state visited.


Comment by Geoff (Sloppa) |

Just means they are bloody small states!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wind-up OK, not one of our best.

Comment by jinBob |

At least you don't ask for white wheat bread anymore. Glad you now know difference between rubbish and trash. Maine should be fun.