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Vegas to Phoenix

Thursday 3rd April

Today we flew from Las Vegas to Phoenix.  Getting the car to the rental place and then onto the Vegas Airport was easy enough and checking in/security took only 15 minutes or so.  I did manage to loose my new sunglasses between the hotel room and the car in the car park.

Our flight took off on time and it was just 50 minutes to Phoenix.

The procedure of baggage collection, rental bus, renting the car and driving the 10 or so miles to the hotel was pretty easy and routine.

After checking into our hotel we went to a fast food place called the Heart Attack Grill.  Interesting! This place is happy to advertise calories, fattening burgers and no diet drinks.  Scott had the Quadruple Burger, I just had the single.  Scott managed about a tenth of the burger.

After the grill we went to a Wal Mart and I got another pair of sun glasses.

In the evening Scott went to an NHL game at arena.  Coyotes v the Kings.  Another loss to the Kings.  Scott had a front row seat next to the penalty box and really enjoyed the game.

Whilst Scott went to the game I drove about 3 miles to a laundromat and with the help of the lady on duty I managed to figure out the machines and get the clothes clean. 

I then killed more time at a movie - I Love You Man, a dud. 

After that Scott and I met up and returned to the hotel.

Earlyish night as we fly out at 9am tomorrow for Dallas.