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Las Vegas

Gary and his new mate - Scott says we look like twins
Gary and his new mate

Tuesday 28th April, 2009

An OK day.  We checked out of the disapppointing MGM Grand and headed north of Vegas to the Sam Boyd Stadium so Scott get the lie of the land for the U2 concert there in October.  Then it was to the Thomas and Mack Stadium where Scott picked up his ticket for the concert.

Then it was Dennys for breakfast - poor service and then to the Wynn Hotel on the central strip where we checked in just after 1pm.  We got a room on the 23rd floor which had wet carpet and so later we ended up in a room on the 34th floor - room 3440.  Great view of the Wynn Golf Course - 18 holes for $500. 

We walked up to Circus Circus to play mini golf.  We decided given the poor style of course that it was not one of our "official games".  That was lucky because Scott beat me by 5.

Then it was back to the hotel for a bit before we headed to the Planet Hollywood for the Buffet dinner and then to New York New York so Scott could ride the roller coaster there, apparently it was a bit tame and a little rickerty.

Back to the hotel just after 8pm and watch TV.

Scott the big baby, and star, of Cirque de Soleil's Mystere
Big baby Scott

Wednesday 29th April 2009

A long and tiring day with a fun ending.

Scott wanted to watch the Arsenal/Manchester United Champions League game and I was beyond desperate for a beard trim so whilst Scott relaxed in bed I went out into the suburbs with the simple task of finding a barber. I drove 8 k's down West Sahara and found plenty of places I could get my nails done and dog trimmed but no luck finding a barber.  So I turned back towards the big city and just as I was almost back I caught a glimpse of a barber shop and managed to get the job done, $10 well spent.

After I got back to the sanctuary of the hotel the soccer finished and so Scott and I headed towards Angel Park for a game of real golf.  12 holes of par 3, Scott beat me by 10. This was followed by 9 holes on a putting green, Scott won again - stupid game.

5pm when we finished and as we hadn't easten all day we called in at an Applebees for dinner on the way back to Vegas.

Back into the hotel at 6:30pm, both tired, hot and bothered and in need of a shower before the Cirque du Soleil show we were going to at Treasure Island.  Scott thought it was a 7:30pm start but at 6:50pm realised it was a 7:00pm start and we were a solid 10 minute walk away.  So off we went, tough going after the golf.  Got to the show at 7pm exactly and sat down just as it was starting. 

Highlight was when a person acting as a baby threw one of those large exercise balls towards us and then ended up calling Scott his Dadda and calling him on stage.  Scott went a few steps on stage only to be squirted on the face from the babies bottle.  The crowd were all laughing.

Later the baby, when caught on a high ledge called for his Dadda and flashed his torch/flashlight at Scott again bringing much laughter from the crowd.

Later still the baby drove a golf buggy across the stage and then through an aisle and stopped just behind us and again called for his Dadda.  Uo Scott got and walked up to the golf buggy hoped in and got driven backstage by the baby.  I was wondering what had happened to Scott when back on stage came the golf buggy with the baby and Scott both dressed in baby clothes, nappies/diapers the works - see the photo.  Scott's last task was to push the golf buggy across the stage.  A few minutes later Scott came back to his seat and a little later the photo above was delivered to us - Scott didn;t even know the photo was taken.

It was a great show, a little short - finished by 8:30pm but it was a wonderful show and I haven't laughed so much for years.  Scott was the star.

After the show we went back to our room and then down to the casino.  Scott put $20 into a poker machine and 20 mins later came away with $30 and then he and I played roulette for 20 minutes and we came away with $30 after putting down $20.   A $20 profit.

Back to our room at 10:30pm and that's pretty much Vegas done.  Tomorrow we drive to Los Angeles.