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Day 8- 30th April

Geez, a week since we left home already.

The plans for today are to be picked up by Jim and Bette at 8:45am and have breakfast at the Summerton Diner. Jim will be meeting up with a former schoolmate from Newberry College whom he hasn't seen since 1966, and then on up to Dillon, SC to Pedro's South of the Border, then on to Wilmington NC, where we see another classmate of Jim's from Beaufort High and her husband.

Day 8- 30th April - Wilmington NC

Relaxing on the Wilmington Intercoastal Waterway
This is the life

Today we started out at the Summerton Diner in South Carolina. The food was great and the accents - wow. Ya'll come back now ya hear!!!! I felt very self concious saying any thing because our Aussies accents stood out more than ever. Of course everybody at the diner was great and we even had the opportunity to mee a school buddy of Jim's that he hadn't seen since 1966.

Then it was towards the border with North Carolina where we stopped at a place called Pedros. Hot dogs for lunch and Rayls bought a few items.

After lunch we headed down US74 and arrived in Wilmington, NC mid afternoon. We checked into a Days Inn and Jim and Bette parked the camper in the car park.

We then headed over to see a school friend of Jim's and her husband, Mary Alice and Skip. What a beautiful home they have and boy were we all welcomed - Mary Alice and Skip were the best of hosts. We went out for a boat ride along the Intercoastal Waterway, the greatest scenery, homes, boats - just an awesome time. After we got back to the house we had the most fabulous dinner. It really was a perfect afternoon.

We got back to the hotel around 8:00pm and repacked, a reasonably late night,but it was worth it after such a great day.

Hopefully we will get to see Mary Alice and Skip again and just maybe they will come and visit us downunder.