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6th April

Bad guy
Bad guy

Slept a little better, I am still very sniffy.

Had brekkie at Maccas and then headed to a Walmart for medication.  Then to The Yuma Territorial Prison which is a former prison. Opened in 1875, it is one of the Yuma Crossing and Associated Sites on the National Register of Historic Places in the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area. Fascinating place with a great tour guide. The tour was a bit tough at times as it was very hot in the sun.

Then to downtown Yuma, an historical area which is right out of the old west.

Back to the hotel for a rest and then at 4pm to the Yuma County Fair. Like a small Royal Show but cheaper. Lots of sideshow alley stuff and displays - plenty of very fattening and expensive food. We particularly enjoyed the K-9 Comets Frisbee Dog Show. The fair was very hot and dusty but interesting.

Dinner was at the Texas Roadhouse which was great. Now back to the hotel to watch one of our favourite TV shows.

Tomorrow we move on towards Phoenix. Yuma is a nice place to visit, historic and interesting but I would never want to live here, too bloody hot.

5th April

Grandma Jo

Lovely weather here in Yuma. High 20's. I am not sure if I have a cold or hay fever. Annoying.

Last night we both bombed out around 8pm. Up around 2am and then again around 6am before a third stint till about 9am.

We had breakfast at Penny's Diner which adjoins the hotel. Then went looking for a quilt shop which no longer exists but there was a Michaels nearby so Rayls was happy there for a bit. Then tried for another and had more success. 

In the afternoon we tried a few more shops including a Joann store so Rayls remained happy. Chic-fil-A for a late lunch and then back to the hotel for a rest - still jet lagged.

We walked to the Cracker Barrel across the road for dinner and now watching TV in the room.

Will try and get a little more adventurous tomorrow.

We aim to remain in Yuma on Thursday, then to Phoenix on Friday for a Peter Noone concert. Then on Saturday drive to Flagstaff and then a long stint to Cedar City on Sunday, long because we have to drive around that pesky Grand Canyon.