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Monday 21st April, 2008

Rayls as we enter North Dakota
North Dakota

We started the day by saying our goodbyes to Nichole and Jonny and with good driving instructions from Jonny we bypassed the early morning traffic and were soon on the I94 heading north west for Fargo, North Dakota. We stopped on the way at Albany where we posted a rather large package to our son Scott in Australia.

At Fargo we turned westward across the plains of North Dakota, through Bismark and ended up in Dickinson. Around 530 miles today shared between the two of us. Long day but makes for easier days later in the week.

Dinner at Applebees and some quick shopping at Wal-Mart and Big K.

The Wal-Mart truck count is at 180 - seems a little slow this year!

Tuesday 22nd April, 2008

Gaz as we enter Montana

Another good day on the road.  We saw much of the great diversity of the USA countryside.

We started out in Dickinson, North Dakota and saw more of the great plains before the more rugged areas of Montana.  Montana really does have the most scenic views.  We continued on I94 before reaching the I90 at Billings.  We spent about 3 hours there looking around - needless to say Rayls managed a quilt shop and we also got to a Borders book shop.  Billings is quite a large town and is was an enjoyable time as we explored.

Then we hit the I90 westward and soon got glimpses of the Rocky Mountains, snow capped peaks which soared skyward.  We finished the day in Livingston, mountain peaks all around us and just 60 miles or so from Yellowstone.

We went out for dinner only to find a quilt store next door, Rayls called in and met up with a guy who knew an Aussie who worked at a store not so far away.  So we headed there and chatted with Jim from Cairns in Queensland for a few minutes before dinner.

A good day, over 400 miles and tomorrow Yellowstone.

Wednesday 23rd April, 2008

Up early as we had a long day planned in Yellowstone. It was a 60 mile drive from Livingston to Gardiner where we had a nice breakfast.
Then it was just a one minute drive to Yellowstone, lots of Bison as you enter and soon after that you cross the 45th parallel, half way between the north pole and the equator - given the cold it seemd we were closer to the pole.

Sadly Yellowstone was not at its best, we were aware that it was not a good time to visit but this is the tiem we travel.

It was cold, snow was piled on the sides of the road which blocked many of the views and half of the roaqds were closed. However, we had a good time and got to see the hot springs amd Old Faithfull was well worth the visit. It was snowing heavily when Old Faithfull did its thing - it was right on time, hard to tell how high through the steam and snow.

We saw lots of wildlife, birds, deer, bison and more - no bear though.

There was a real bonus when we left, the western entrance had been opened in the past few days and se we could cut straight across towards I15 and didn't have to go back to Livingston and across the I90. Saving of at least 300 miles and much time

At West Yellowstone, a cold looking place, we checked out the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Centre, live bears and wolves on display. Rayls loved that. Interesting place, darn cold outside.

Then it was into Highway 20 and into Idaho. Another state of our list.

We ended the day at Pocatello, southern Idaho.

Long day, Cedar City tomorrow,

Thursday 24th April, 2008

Today we left Pocatello and drove down I15 into Utah.  We stopped for a while in Ogden and had intended to stop for a bit in Salt Lake City but the weather was bad, rain, sleat, snow, heavy traffic.  We decided to continue through to Provo where we had lunch and Rayls took over driving.  We got to Cedar City just before 4pm.  Nice to see Amy, Steve and Daniel again.  We will be here for a week or so.