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Travelling Down South

Tuesday 1st April, 2008

Bad night for Gary with much coughing. This resulted in a sleep in and a late start. Some excitement just as we left when there was an arrest made in the room next to ours. Three police officers, guns raised, breaking glass. Just like in Cops. The person being arrested gave us 4 new swear words to add to our list.

We were soon on the road and had a great day closing, by 520 miles, the 900 miles distance between us and Jim and Bette. We crossed into Louisana, then a few hours later crossed the Mississippi River into Mississippi and then later into Alabama.

The drive was really nice with lovely variations of green amongst the road side trees. Good music helps us along the way.

Tonight we are in Leeds, Alabama and should make it to Jim and Bette sometime late tomorrow afternoon.

Wednesday 2nd April, 2008

Today we started out in Leeds, Alabama. It was a nice newly renovated Days Inn and it was a pleasant stop. Sadly for the second night in a row no sleep for Gary, still unwell from the Bronchitis. He is unable to get into a sleeping pattern but hopefully things will improve soon.

We were on the I20 and about 120 miles short of Atlanta. No Florida on this trip as we head for Greenwood, South Carolina for rest and recuperation.

The drive was good, there was some very minor traffic delays in Atlanta as we passed through this very large city. We stopped in Lawrenceville, at an enormous outlet mall called Discover Mills. We wanted to go to the Lego store to replace the items we had lost after our jet lag effected stop at Glendale Galleria in the first few hours of this trip. We had bought items for our good friend Glen but had then left them at a food hall as we stopped to have a rest. Rayls took the opportunity to visit a shoe outlet and came away with 3 pairs of shoes and a book store, which claimed to have over a million books, where she bought just 3 quilt related books.

Around 2:30pm we were back on the road – the I85 and heading for Greenwood. We had a stop at an Arbys for lunch and eventually drifted into Greenwood, and Jim and Bette’s house at 6pm.