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Planning ahead

Ryan, Scott, Hunter, Rayls and Gary
Hartman Family Christmas 2008

Plans are well under way for the 2009 trip.

No Rayls, this time!  My travelling companion will be youngest son Scott. 

This makes things a little cheaper as Scott will be paying for half the hotel room and half the car rental.  Sadly I still have to pay for my air fare and my own food.  That's the good news, the bad news is.... no Rayls!!

We depart Perth airport on 29th March 2009 and as per our 2008 trip we will fly Qantas to Narita, Japan and after using their very nice Day Room it's American Airlines to Los Angeles where we land on on 30th March.

The plan is for lots of sporting events, theme parks and even some sport of our own - golf, mini golf and maybe some more.

30th February??????

Update 21st February....

How do you book something for the 30th February?????    Tried to book Day Room at Narita Airport (Tokyo) a few days earlier than the month before that they allow.   Got a message back saying......

Thank you for your inquiry about our dayrooms .
However, it is impossible now.
It is possible to make  a  reservation for your day room before one month ,
you want to use our dayrooms on  30th March 2009.
Therefore, please send us a mail in our web-site one more time before just one month, 30th Febraury 2009.
Thanks , your understanding.
Sincerely, Mariko Okamoto

So now we have to wait till the 30th February to make our booking!!!

Day Room booked

I tried booking the Narita Day Room again on Saturday 28th February.   It wasn't 30th February like they asked but it was 31 days away so it was a month or less.  This time they accepted the booking and that is a load of my mind.  A pleasant way to pass the time at Narita.

Narita Airport Crash

Just one week and two hours before our Qantas flight is scheduled to land at Tokyo's Narita Airport there has been a crash of a Fed Ex McDonnell Douglas MD-11.  The aircraft burst into flames Monday morning after bouncing, catching a wing on the ground and ending up with its left side smashed on the runway. Initial press accounts, including television news reports, said weather reports indicated winds were blowing about 40 miles an hour, and airlines had been warned about a risk of wind shear at the time of the accident.

Sadly the pilot and co pilot died in the crash.

Makes it seem just that little more real knowing that we will be flying in to that airport in less than a weeks time.