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Back to LA 30th March 2012

We had tickets for the taping of the TV show Hot in Cleveland back in LA for tonight but it was cancelled which was a pain but made for a much less pressured day, time wise.

After packing, loading the car and checking out we headed to the Venetian Hotel where we again checked out the architecture and shops.

Then it was goodbye to Vegas, a fuel stop and on our way. Whilst fuelling some guy in his rented Mustang convertible asked me if I knew anything about Mustangs as he couldn't open the fuel hatch. Needless to say I know nothing about Mustangs but I helped him look with no success. After a minute I thought this just shouldn’t be so hard so I pressed the actual fuel hatch and it popped open! The guy was very thankful.

We drove for 2 hours and were nearly at Barstow when we stopped at Peggy Sue's 50's diner. This was a fun place. I had a Fabian roast beef sandwich. Chris had a John Wayne, Cath a Mickey Mouse and for some reason what Rayls had did not have a name. All good. The gift shop was sensational, all this 50's stuff. Wow. We also took the opportunity to buy lottery tickets in this $640 million lottery that the US is buzzing about. Bought one for Amy who is in Utah, so no chance of buying one there, one for C&C and one for us. Needless to say I still can't tell the boss what I think of him and it is back to work when I get home. In the US you have to pay tax on your winnings, weird but still would have been nice.

Back on the road and considering we were getting into a Friday afternoon it was a pretty smooth drive back into LA and more specifically the Glendale Motel. Nowhere near as fancy as the last two hotels but good enough for the next week.After the daily rest we headed out to dinner, Astros where Cath and Chris learnt how big American portions really are whilst Rayls and I both had a grilled cheese sandwich.We went to a Ralphs for some groceries and back to he hotel.