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28th April - Paducah

Our last day in Paducah, tomorrow we drive the 300 Ks back to Memphis and an afternoon flight which gets us back to LA.

We started by going to Reds Donuts, famous in these parts for the best donuts They were very good but not as good as Shipleys! We ate the donuts down by the river before Rayls finished up with the Quilt Show at an area for local quilt shops. She enjoyed her time h we re but thinks Houston was better.

We did two more Quilt Shops before we headed to a mall. A late lunch/early dinner at Outback Restaurant which is about as Aussie as Donald Trump.

Back to the hotel by around 5pm for done TV, packing and sleep.

April 27th April - Paducah

We had a major thunder storm last night, very heavy rain and strong winds, Day Two of the Quilt Show started out overcast but no rain. Rayls must have had a good time today because we got back to the hotel and she flaked out, no dinner just sleep. Hard work this quilting thing.

After dropping Rayls off this morning I crossed the Ohio River and back into Illinois to visit the Superman Museum in Metropolis. We went to the shop the other day but I wanted to check out the museum which was quite extensive. My interest in Superman is only through the George Reeves fifties TV series so I spent a lot of time in that area but just breezed through the rest.

Then headed back over the river and to a cinema. I watched the Fate of the Furious which I didn't expect to be very good and I wasn't let down.

Rayls just woke up. She tells me she finished looking at all the vendor stalls. Lots of quilts on display, met some nice ladies at the A1 Longarm Quilting Stall. Happy with her two days, now she has gone back to sleep.

After the movie I had a look around downtown Paducah, Pretty place.

Picked up Rayls and you know the rest.

April 26th April - Paducah

I delivered Rayls to the Quilt Show a bit before 9am and headed off to do a couple of loads of washing. I pottered around in town a bit before heading back to the hotel. I picked Rayls up at 3:50pm and we headed back to the hotel.

Rayls tells me the line up part was a bit disorganised but only took about 10 minutes. She met up with Bronya a friend from the quilting retreats she goes to back home. They spent the day together checking out quilts on display. Looked at lots of stalls and may go back again tomorrow. Saw a couple of quilting celebrities, Marti Mitchell and Ricky Timms. They spent the day in the Schroeder Exhibition Centre where the quilts are displayed showing winners of various competitions.

Tomorrow she will head to the Dome Pavilion where more vendors have their stalls, another day of fun and frivolity whilst I kill time. Maybe go to a movie.