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San Diego and Tijuana

Monday 7th April 2003

Gary, Karen and Rayls - Solana Beach
Gary, Karen and Rayls

After a nearly a week in LA it was time to move on and today we headed down to San Diego around a 100 miles away.

On the way down we stopped in to visit a friend we had met in Australia a few mon ths earlier.  Karen was a visitor to Perth and took a tour of the city in my bus, I was a tourist bus driver at that time.  The next day Rayls and I took Karen on an extended tour of the city and we were invited to visit when we went to the USA a few months later.

Karen took the 4 of us to a magnificent restaurant right on the beach - beautiful setting and a great lunch.  We chatted for a bit and were then on our way.

With directions from Karen we headed into Hotel Circle, just a few miles north of San Diego where we stayed for a few nights in a very small room Super 8.  This was all before we had discovered Priceline and Hotwire.

In the late afternoon we went into downtown San Diego, lovely place - very much like Perth.  Cool that the airport is close to the city, planes landing and taking off all the time.

Tuesday 8th April 2003

Today we all went to Seaworld.  Really enjoyed our visit.

Wednesday 9th April 2003

Today was a visit to the world famous San Diego Zoo.  Got to see a Panda but overall I wasn;t impressed.  very hilly for an old bloke like me

For dinner we went to a place that Michelle chose, Hunter Steakhouse not far from the hotel.  The guy who served as a bit gay but the serbice and food was excellent.  The squaw bread is still spoken about 7 years later - magnificent.

Thursday 10th April 2003

Today we checked out of our hotel fairly early and had all our luggage in the car.  I remember we backed the SUV up to a wall so that the rear door could not be lifted.

Around 8am we were picked up by a shuttle bus and headed into downtown san Diego where we boarded a larger coach and headed south of the border down Mexico way.  We spent around 3 hours in Tijuana, an interesting experience.

Early afternoon we were back into the good old USA - harder to get into than out of - and had a very brief tour of San Diego before we got dropped off at the hotel.  We picked up the car and headed out to a late lunch.

Then it was on the road and onto I15, we would see a lof I15 over the coming weeks.  Just over 300 miles later and in darkness we arrived in Las Vegas.  Once again our lack of knowledge about Priceline saw us in a pretty bad Days Inn but we would be back in Vegas in a few days time.  For now it was a quick nights sleep and onto surprise Amy in Cedar city.