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26th October, 2012 - later

Ended up being a miserable day - I was due to start my last work shift at 3:00pm but at 1:00pm started feeling worse and then the heaving started.  I tried to go to work, pretty sure that they think it is a put on, but tough to drive a bus when vomiting.

Now it's after 9:00pm and the anti nausea medication has kicked in and I feel blah but better.  

Poor Rayls is stressed about my condition but keeping busy. Ryan is also finished work and is resting in his room

Susan is excited and no news from Kerry or Leanne. No news is good news!

Susan and Cheryl - Boddington September 2012

Susan and Cheryl

26th October, 2012

So here we are the day before the big trip. I have a cold but am battling on, sadly no spare staff to cover me. 

Rayls has started the packing, she does that so well. I do the trip planning, she does the packing - seems fair to me.

I am looking forward to spending some time with Ryan on this trip. He has had a tough year both at work and with the break up with his girlfriend of many years. However he is now doing very well at work, after being treated very badly by his previous company he has moved to a new company and is doing really well - now appreciated for the hard working person he is.

We are all meeting at the airport at 9:30pm on Saturday night. Rayls and I are veterans of all this, Ryan has done a bit of travelling, including 2 trips to the USA, the last in 2005.  Kerry travelled to North America earlier this year but neither Leanne or Susan have been there. We will miss Cheryl who couldn't make he trip due to illness. The conversations won't be the same without her - we might now be able to get a word in Smile

14th October, 2012

On Sunday morning the four ladies and I met at Maccas at Midvale to discuss how things were going with the trip. Ryan had to work. The next time we all get together will be at the airport a week this coming Saturday.

13th October, 2012

Sadly Cheryl has had to drop out of the trip due to illness. We all wish Cheryl well and many thanks to Qantas for refunding her fare.

17th May - the Quilt Bash is booked

Rayls, Ryan, Gaz, Susan, Cheryl, Kerry and Leanne are booked to go.

Sat 27 Oct 12, 23:25 Perth to 06:00 (Sun) Melbourne Qantas flight QF648

Sun 28 Oct 12, 10:20 Melbourne to 06:40 Los Angeles Qantas flight QF093

Sat 24 Nov 12, 23:30 Los Angeles to 10:05 (Mon) Melbourne Qantas flight QF094

Mon 26 Nov 12, 14:45 Melbourne to 15:50 Perth Qantas flight QF777

We intend to fly straight from LA to Houston on 28 Oct.