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Cedar City 27th April

Amy and Steve on Lake Powell
Amy and Steve on Lake Powell

Sadly our last day in Cedar City, tomorrow we head back to Las Vegas and then onto LA on Monday.

Just another one of those quiet days. Rayls packed, Amy also packed - she is coming to Vegas with us tomorrow and is flying on to Michigan on Monday to help her Mom move to San Francisco. Steve spent the day cleaning up after the camping trip, apparently the wind picked up and the clean up job took all day.

Amy has kindly allowed me to add some photos from her camping trip. Thanks Amy.

The LA Kings play their final game tonight before the payoffs. They are playing the San Jose Sharks in LA and the winner hosts a playoff game on Wednesday. If the Kings win we may get a chance of going with Scott and Shannon to the game. Go Kings.

Tonight we all went to Sizzlers for dinner and are now watching a DVD of the movie Parental Guidance.

Cedar City 26th April

Gaz on the rocks
Gaz on the rocks

Greetings to my much older sister Cath who sent me an email telling me she was following our travels. A year ago she and her hubbie Chris were here in CC with us. Our Mum would have been 98 years old today.

One of the things that Rayls and I find fascinating about television here in the US is the advertising for prescription medication. In Australia there is no advertising for perscription but here in the US the ads are regular and come these lengthy legal warnings that make you wonder why they bother - surely the side effects are worse than the problem.

For example: It can increase suicidal thoughts or behavior. it can cause angioedema, which is swelling of the head, neck and throat that may progress into a life-threatening respiratory emergency; these cases require immediate discontinuation of the medication. Some people can be hypersensitive and react with hives and wheezing, requiring immediate discontinuation of the drug. It can increase the frequency of seizures in patients with seizure disorders who discontinue the drug too fast. Rapid withdrawal of the medication in patients with other conditions can cause insomnia, headache, nausea and diarrhea. It can cause drowsiness and dizziness, affecting the ability to operate machinery or drive a vehicle. It can also cause increased water retention in the legs, weight gain, increase risk of tumors and blurred vision.


This morning Rayls and I drove just past the golf course and to the base of the mountain, we got a nice rock to bring home - that nice red colour.

Amy and Steve got home around 3:00pm and we helped them unpack. Their trip had it's problems but overall they had a good time.

We rented 2 movies from the Red Box. This is 40 and Parental Guidance.

Dinner at iHop.

Cedar City 25th April

Main Street, Cedar City
Main Street, Cedar City

Anzac Day. For my non Aussie friends Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders "who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations" and "the contribution and suffering of all those who have served."

Sadly Scott and Shannon left today, we enjoyed their time here. We had some good chats and Scott's humour surely has to be 'sicker' than mine!!!! King of the puns!

After Scott and Shannon left to pick up their coconut cream pie and head for Las Vegas, Rayls and I went to Main Street - Rayls made some excuse to check out Joann's...... again and we also bought a pair of shoes each.

We ended up at Bullochs Drug Store where there was a "Happy Days" style soda fountain. Very nice.

There is an intersting pedestrian crossing outside Bullochs. There are 3 or 4 orange flags in a container on both sides of the road. You have to grab one and hold it up as you cross the road and then leave the flag in the container on the opposite side of the road.

Rayls managed another visit to Sitchin It Up whilst I managed a beard trim at a next door barber with one of those barber poles out the front.

Arbys for dinner, bought from the drive thru. Now that's fun, trying to communicate in Aussie over the speakers.

Daniel helped us with the trash - Thursday night is trash night.

Steve and Amy are due back tomorrow - haven't heard from them for a day or so - hope things are going well.

This morning I watched the sun rise over the mountain. Now, as I write this, what appears to be a full moon is rising over the mountain, I love this place.

Cedar City 24th April

Today we had lunch at Market Grill, none of Scott's favourite coconut cream pie for desert so he ordered a whole pie for tomorrow. $11.97 for the whole pie. He will take it with him as he and Shannon return to Las Vegas for the night.

After lunch we took the very scenic drive up Highway 14 from Cedar City towards Cedar Breaks National Monument. The Monument is closed due to snow from mid November to late May so we couldn't go there but had a very pleasant drive anyway. Back in October 2011 a million cubic yards of land, rocks and trees slid down the mountain and buried the road. It took around 8 months to clear the road and get it ready for traffic again.

Scott and I managed a short snow ball fight, always fund.

In the evening we watched the LA Kings playing Detroit in the NHL.

For dinner we went to Panda Express, never had Panda before and it was very nice.

Cedar City 23rd April

Check out the spectators on the right
Check out the spectators on the right

Today Scott and I played golf at the very scenic Cedar City course which is located between the city and the mountain. Lovely day, blues skies and around low 20'sC. There are prairie dogs running all over the course - cute looking little critters. We played OK, some good shots and some absolute dreadful ones as well. I'm not a big golfing fan but this was without doubt the best conditions I have ever player in.

Amy and Steve have found the wind tough going on their trip and have moved on to another location.

We had a quiet day otherwise, dinner at Sizzlers.

The LA Kings played tonight and we watched it on TV - sadly they lost. Playoffs start next week and Shannon and Scott will be at the LA games. Rayls and I might even get to one if the timing, and the price, is right.

Few more days in Cedar City, Vegas on Sunday and LA on Monday.

Cedar City 22nd April

Scott and Shannon arrived mid afernoon. Nice to see them again and we spent some time chatting and catching up with things.

Earlier Rayls and I got things ready - brought a matress up from downstairs and prepared the room for Scott and Shannon.

The weather is great - low 20'sC. Sad for Shannon who wants to see some snow. There will be some up in the mountains and I am sure we will go looking over the next few days.

Cedar City 21st April

Amy and Steve camping on Lake Powell
Amy and Steve camping on Lake Powell

Amy and Steve have headed off on their camping/kayaking holiday at Lake Powell. They left around 10:30am and are scheduled back on Friday. They have an amazing set up - they seem to have everything, including the kitchen sink.

Poor Carson (pet dog) seems a little upset, he is 12, mostly blind and deaf and not use to having someone else looking after him.

We did head out to Big Lots, Home Depot and WalMart, also Sizzlers for dinner.

Amy's son Daniel asked Rayls for some advise on some sewing and Rayls ended up downstairs in the studio for around 3 hours creating a snuggly (a blanket with sleeves). Daniel wanted it for a gift for a friend who has a birthday tomorrow.

We watched some TV, quiet day....... again.

Cedar City 20th April

Scott's photo of Bon Jovi
Scott's photo of Bon Jovi

From all accounts Scott and Shannon had a great night at the Bon Jovi concert last night, they had great seats and managed some great photos.

Today we did a WalMart run and pottered around the house. Some last minute training as Amy and Steve prepare for their kayaking trip starting tomorrow. They are going to Lake Powell for five days whilst we look after the house and in particular their 12 year old dog, Carson. They will be a 3 hour drive away so not to far if something goes wrong but then what could go wrong!!!
Rayls and Amy went to a Craft Fair, very small and of course another trip to Joann's

iHop for dinner and then we had a vote on which DVD to watch and we are thus watching Frequency. 

Cedar City 19th April

Rayls and Amy in Amy's studio
Rayls and Amy in Amy's studio

Up early and watching TV and the events unfolding in Watertown, near Boston. Amy's daughter Katie works in Watertown. Amy and Katie have spoken and Katie is staying safe indoors.

Rayls and Amy spent the morning working in Amy's studio, making flowers I believe.

I helped Steve with a half hours yard work and spent time on cricket stuff.

In the afternoon Rayls spent a fair amount packing her 'stash'.

Scott and Shannon go to the Bon Jovi concert in LA tonight, hope it goes well, they will both be here in Cedar City next week. Bon Jovi is performing in Vegas tomorrow night. Closer than Salt Lake City. Tempting!!!!

We had dinner at Dennys and a quiet night watching the conclusion of the Boston stuff and a movie on TV.

Cedar City
Cedar City