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Home 27th April 2012

We landed in Sydney an hour and a half late and after going through the usual formalities were advised that we had been transferred to a later Perth flight. We had been scheduled to fly from Sydney at 10:10am but we were now on a 12:10pm flight.

After trasferring to the domestic terminal it was a bit frustrating to arrive at the gate and see our 10:10am flight still there. Anyway, we killed the 2 hours and the flight to Perth was fine.

Another trip done, we had a good time and saw some sensational sights. Highlight as always was the time spent in Cedar City. 

26th April 2012

Not much to say about the 26th. We left LAX just after 1:30am and landed in Sydney 15 hours later on the 27th.

LA 25th April 2012

Our last day in the USA.

Packing in the morning with a trip to Radio Shack and Marshalls.

Then Cath, Rayls and I headed down to Downtown Disney for a look see.

Back to the hotel to finish packing and loading the car before we hit the road to Torrance where we met up with Scott.

Scott drove us the airport where we checked in. Nice to be able to check in early and get rid of the bags.

We all then went to Shannon's parents place in Carson where we had a nice dinner and chat. Maria and Charlie are nice people and made us very welcome.

About 8:30pm we drove back to the airport where we dropped off the car - 4004 miles we did in that car. Shuttle bus to the airport, nice to do that without the bags. Security was easy although Chris did have a problem with his boarding pass and had to go back to the check in area.

Gate 101 and a nearly 2 hour wait before we boarded QF108 an Airbus A380.

There was a long delay before take off, over an hour. I think due to a late transfer from a connecting flight from New York.

Take off was at 1:30am and to the east and so we had a last view of LA before we banked over Torrance and Carson and headed out across the Pacific.

The flight was 15 hours and 4 minutes and 12,534 K's. Maximum speed was 929.6 K's and average speed was 831.7 K's. Very bumpy for the first hour or so out of LA.

Landed in Sydney at 8:34am on Friday 26th April.