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To Cedar City 8th April 2012

About an 8:30am start and a leisurely and very scenic 454 kilometre drive To Cedar City in Utah today.

After telling the hotel manager what I thought of her hotel we headed through Page, Kanab, Fredonia and Hurricane on our way to Cedar City.

We arrived around 2:15pm and I was beat - My head cold was bad and I went to bed for about 15 hours. Amy and Rayls took over and got Cath and Chris to their hotel and that was pretty much the day and part of the enxt one as well.

It had been a long 3 days since we left LA but boy did we see some great sights.

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This element still uses the old Contao 2 SRC format. Did you upgrade the database?

Grand Canyon and Monument Valley 7th April 2012

Today started out with a short drive down the wrong side of the road which nobody noticed till I swerved onto the correct side of the road. Darn, first mistake of that type on this trip.

It was going to be a long day and we started out just a few minutes afer 8am, refuel and ask for directions and we were at the Grand Canyon by 9:00am. What a site this place is, just magnificent.

We spent nearly 3 hours at the Canyon before taking the east exit which follows the Canyon rim and gave even more great views before we finally exited the park and heading out towards Cameron and then Tuba City. We considered stopping for the night at these places but pushed on to Kayenta, which is a town on the outskirts of Monument Valley. We checked into a hotel where once again the promised Wireless Internet was a no go and I sure let fly when we checked out.

Given there was still much daylight we decided to check out the Valley. Monument Valley is a region of the Colorado Plateau characterised by a cluster of vast sandstone buttes, the largest reaching 300 metres above the valley floor. It is located on the northern border of Arizona and within southern Utah. The valley lies within the range of the Navajo Nation Reservation. It is a very impressive place and we spent a couple of hours in the area, crossing into Utah and then back into Arizona. The Visitors Centre was worth a visit and all in all a great place to see. We were back at the hotel at 5:30 except we lost an hour somewhere today and so it was 6:30pm. 447 kilometres today!

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To Williams 6th April 2012

We had a good early start and were on the road before 7:00am. Traffic was fine getting out of LA and we were soon on I15.

We fuelled at Barstow around 8:25am and started out on I40 which crosses the country from Barstow in California to Wilmington in North Carolina. Today we aimed only to go to Williams in Arizona. At 8:30am we stopped in the town of Ludlow for a snack and then onto Needles for lunch where we arrived at 12:10pm. After a couple of pit stops we finally arrived in Willams at around 2:30pm. A total of 691 kilometres today, average speed 113 and maximum speed 142.

Because of its location near the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Williams is a major tourist stop although the population is only around 3000. It has a nice cowboy feel about it and also a proud Route 66 history.

We stayed in a Quality Inn, which was OK other than the Internet didn't work - frustrating.

After a much needed rest in the hotel we had dinner in town at the Pine Country Restaurant and explored a bit before an early night. The restaurant menu had movie lines on each item and that passed some time as we tried to work out which movie each line was from.