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Perth to LA

So here I am in Las Vegas and already way behind on my travel diary.  WE are having a great time and I will try and update properly later today. 

Perth to LA

Ryan took us to the airport on Sunday night. Anita is baby sitting our house and more importantly hunter our Jack Russell. The best part of the trip, backing ut the driverway, was completed with out incident and by 8:45pm we were on our way. Ryan just dropped us off and check in and security was a breeze.  We soon met up with Cath and Chris who are members of the Qantas Club so they went up there and Rayls and I say with the more humble people and waiting for the call up.

The plane and A330 boarded pretty much on time and from dock to dock was 3 hours and 42 minutes for a total of 3637.7 kilometres. maximum spped was 1101 K's and average spped was 979 K's. Smooth enought flight and we had to one circuit over Wagga Wagga as we were early and you can't land at Sydney before 6:00am.

The transfer to international was fine and somehow we managed to kill the 4 hours or so before our next flight to LA. Our LA flight was a 747, QF107. Smooth as it gets, 12 hours and 55 minutes in duration - maximum speed 1066 K's and avergae speed 1003 K's. Total distance 12971 K's. Nice view of Sydney as we took off.

We were going to land at LA directly from the west but at the last minute we had to go around so we circled LA from the south and landed from the east.

Customs and Immigration a breeze, bags were soon out and finally we were met by someone at LAX. Scott met us and very kindly spent the day with us.

Los Angeles - 26th April, 2012

So just two days short of landing in LA last year here we are again!

Scott drove us all in a 'truck' (ute) to the Rental Facility (Alamo) where we picked up our mini van and then we followed Scott to the suburb of Torrance and we all had brekkie at an iHop.

After breakfast we followed Scott to where he stays and dropped off the truck and then we all headed to nearby Long Beach where we checked out the Queen Mary before heading to our hotel in Garden Grove. We called in to a Target store across the road first for some supplies and then to the hotel.

Very nice Marriott Hotel. We checked in and left Cath and Chris to rest whilst Rayls, Scott and I headed out to a Fry's Electrical store.

Around 5pm we all met up and headed back to Torrance where Scott stays. Here Scott’s girlfriend Shannon joined us and we all had a very pleasant dinner at an Outback Restaurant.After this it was back to Garden Grove and a much needed nights sleep.