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Houston 4th November

Rayls and Eleanor Burns
Rayls and Eleanor Burns

Another day down and Rayls is exhausted after two 9 hours days at the Quilt Festival. Part of her wishes she could go for a third day, most of hers says that's it - too sore and tired to continue - yes you read right, too tired to go quilting. IT'S A MIRACLE!!!!!

So this morning we left for the Quilt Festival a little later, we know the lay of the land now. Still got her there 45 minutes early but she was happy with that.

I headed back towards the hotel and ended up in a Sears store in Pasadena. Cheap clothing there and I bought 5 shirts.

Back to the hotel to check on cricket stuff before going to a 12:20 session of the movie Abduction, as the movie started I was the only one in the cinema but alas two couples arrived during the previews to spoil my party. Movie was OK I thought, probably directed at a younger audience.

Rayls outside the convention centre
Rayls outside the centre

Back to the hotel around 3pm and then off to pick up Rayls at 6:15pm. Lot more traffic around the Convention Centre. Within a stone’s throw of the centre is Minute Maid Park where the Astros play - I tried to book a tour of the stadium but all booked out. Also Toyota Centre is just over the road and that was the reason for the traffic hassles, a Guns n Roses concert. Quite funny to see the quilting ladies coming out of the convention centre in their hundreds as the younger people were heading towards the Toyota Centre.

Houston is a big city, the biggest in Texas and fourth biggest in the USA - it has a population around 2.2 million which probably makes it a third bigger than Perth. However it certainly has a lot more than a third more of the sporting venues. Minute Maid Park where Rayls, Scott and I saw the Astons play in 2001. The Toyota Centre where Scott and I went to a wrestling event 3 years ago. Then there is Reliant Stadium which holds 80,000 where Scott and I saw Wrestlemania. There is a football stadium next to Reliant Stadium and then there are the college venues. Just amazing, and we in Perth are struggling over a new stadium for footy which is going to end up with little parking. Anyway....

Saw something like this in Boddington a few weeks ago

Rayls says she had a mind blowing/awesome time at the Quilt Festival, everything she dreamt and more. She has a ton of photos and a sore body. Too much walking and carrying stuff.

This trip was a bit of a shakedown cruise for a second trip next year where we will be bringing some of Rayls Quilting friends with us. News is, this hotel is perfect, cheap and comfortable and an easy 20 minute drive into downtown Houston. The festival is great, she is thinking 3 days next year but that should be discussed with the gang; You’re not getting any younger ladies.

Tonight we had dinner at an iHop - once again something light, in fact I just had a bowl of fruit.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we fly to Las Vegas, via Denver. Hope we have more luck with the flights this time. Should land in Vegas around 2pm and have a concert to go to at 7:30pm.

Houston 3rd November

On the road to Houston
On the road to Houston

Today Rayls achieved one of her dreams and attended the Houston International Quilt Festival.

The morning drive along 45 was prety easy, took us 25 minutes or so with a stop at Subway so Rayls could buy something for lunch later on and avoid wasting time buying lunch at the Festival.

The Festival starts today, goes for 4 days and opens at 10:00am and closes at 7:00pm.

We got to the Convention Centre a bit after 9:00am, I dropped Rayls off and headed just a tad north of Houston and went to a Fry's Electrical store. Nothing bought. Then around a 40 K drive back to the hotel. I checked out movie times and went to see Moneyball with Brad Pitt - good movie. Then to a WalMart, a Shipley's Donut shop which was closed and then back to hotel via a Shipley's Donut Shop which is open 24/7.

Back to the hotel for a snack and then a nap - see how wisely I am using my time here in Houston.

At 6:15pm I drove back into Houston, picked up Rayls and we headed back to the hotel via a James Coney Island hot dog place highly recommended by our friend Amy. All good there although the bowl of Chili the guy gave me to try was not to my liking.

Now we are back in the hotel and Rayls is going thru her stuff.

As for Rayls.......

The Quilt Festivall is certainly everything she expected..... and more. Another item she can cross of her bucket list. Hundreds of amazing stalls and quilts. She had a sensational time and is looking forward to going back for more tomorrow.