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Crazy, yes we know

The current Malaysian Airlines fares are too good to be true. So...... crazy as it seems we are heading back to the USA departing Perth on 31st October.

We don't normally travel later in the year because of my cricket association commitments but I have permission from the committee and so away we go


31st October
Flight MH 126  
Depart  2:30 AM  Perth
Arrive  8:00 AM  Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Aircraft: Airbus A330

Flight MH 94
Depart  3:15 PM  Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Arrive  6:05 PM Los Angeles International
Aircraft:  Boeing 777-200
Number of stops:  1  (Taipei) 

21st November, 2011
Flight MH 95
Depart  11:10 PM  Los Angeles International
Number of stops: 1  (Taipei)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200

23rd November, 2011
Arrive  12:15 PM  Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Aircraft:  Boeing 777-200

24th November, 2011
Flight MH 125
Depart  9:40 AM Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Arrive  3:00 PM  Perth
Aircraft:  Boeing 777-200