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Back to Las Vegas - 27th January

View from our room
View from our room

Sitting at the airport. Love Field is the airport JFK landed at back in November 1963, back then it was the major airport for Dallas. Nowadays it is Dallas Fort Worth, we saw a bit of DFW last week when we arrived in the USA!

We were up at 6, I was up way before that. Checked out at 7am and checked in to our flight by 8pm. We are early for a 10:15am flight but less stress this way.

The car rental return went fine, we did 302 miles in the car. Harold was our shuttle bus driver, lovely old guy, very helpful. Kerbside check in and security was as easy as it gets.

Now we wait, I watched the shoe shine dudes next to where I was sitting. $7 for shoe shines and $8 for boots. Everybody seems to be paying $10 and there must have been at least 20 customers whilst I was watching as I sipped my hot chocolate,,.

Our flight took off right on time, nice change. It was a 2 hour and 24 minute flight. 1745 kilometres. Top speed 907 kph with average speed of 725 kph. Gained 2 hours so it was 10:45am when we landed in Vegas.

Bags were waiting when we got to the claim area, shuttle bus was quick and rental car was obtained quickly. I had a premium car and we chose a Toyota Avalon, very nice.

We were too early to check in so headed to Henderdon for lunch, eggs on toast at a Dennys. Nice. Rayls checked out a Michaels and then we headed onto the strip and the Bellagio Hotel, Scott and Shannon had very kindly provided us with a fountain view room for the night, we ended up on the 25th floor and have a sensation fountain view room.

We walked to the Venetian to try and exchange a shirt, no luck - the walk is much further than it looks so by the time we got back it was twilight and time for a rest before we head across the road to the Flamingo to see Olivia Newton John. Of course every half hour we have to dash to the window to watch the fountain show.

We can see planes out our window soon after they take off. Mostly smaller 737 type planes but we just saw a 747 Virgin American that got me to the window. It was heading to London.

At Love Field this morning we saw a parked 747. Belongs to the State of Kuwait. Been there for months apparently, bring fitted out.


We had never seen Olivia Newton-John in concert before. Great show.

This was a classy event in a classy establishment so I dressed in my brand new $17 Target jeans and $8 Walmart shirt. I only had white socks left but we were sitting in the balcony so who cares. Wrong! We got upgraded to front row centre which was awesome, just a few metres from the action. I tried to take a photo for the web site but got into trouble.

Speaking of photos, having trouble uploading them on the iPad so will try and sort something out when we get to Amy.

Some great music, loved the Grease set as well Physical. Nice to see Olivia up close, still looks great at 67. After the show we had a quich bite at Johnny Rockets before returning to the hotel for the fountain shows which ended at midnight. 

A long day but a good one, tomorrow Utah!!!