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Park City - 5th February

Rayls, Peter Noone and Gaz

Today we started our trip back to Las Vegas by heading over 400K's away from it.

Always sad to say goodbye to Amy and Steve. Made a bit easier by the fact that we will see them again, briefly, tomorrow night.

Just before 10am we started out up I15 towards Salt Lake City. The drive is mostly at 130K's and very scenic, mountains covered in snow.

It was 377K to our hotel in Draper which is about 30K's south of SLC.

We visited Thimbles and Threads, a nice quilt shop with a roaring fire and comfortable chairs. Then onto Quilted Bear before heading to the hotel.

At 4:45pm we headed 70K up the mountain to Park City. All the people here are high, 10,600 feet. So cold!

Park City is a skiing city, The 2002 Winter Olympics were held here, the Sundance Film Festival is held here.

We wandered the street for a while, went into a few shops mainly to get warm. Do the opposite to that back home in Oz.

Had dinner at a pizza joint next to theatre. Wow, service was slow but the Philly Steak roll I had was sensational. 

The Eygyptian Theatre in Park City was built in the early part of the 1900s and seats 300 people. Nice place, they even sold alcohol, I believe that is rare in Utah.

We came to see Herman's Hermits featuring Peter Noone. It was a great show, great 60's music and so much fun and laugher. Peter is a real entertainer, kept making jokes at the expense of Park City, so funny and everyone loved it. He even handed me a CD during the show.

I was a bit worried about the lady sitting next Rayls, she was at least twice as old as Rayls and bopping along to the music. Thought she was going to keal over but she made it. 

We met Peter after the show, got an autograph and a photo. Nice guy.

After the show it was a long 70K drive back to the hotel, down the mountain. Not fun but we made it.

They sure had great lyrics back in the 60's. I once saw the Hollies sing about a bus stop and now I have seen Peter Noone sing about not needing any milk. Great stuff.

Salt Lake City back to Cedar City - 6th February

Nice day today, blue skies and I think the temperature might have made it to 0C.

We started out at Pine Needles in Gardner Village, nice area with trendy shops in a village like area. Rayls loved the quilt shop. Nice people and Rayls had a great chat. Then across to Sandy where Rayls spent time at Quilts Etc. After this we started heading back to CC via a Walmart in Provo.

Got back to CC just before 6pm and had dinner at Zaxbys. Then we watched a movie, Truth, with Amy and Steve.

We didn't really get to SLC, stayed in the outskirts. It's not our favourite city so no point! Rayls particularly loved two of the quilt shops we went to and the concert was the best.

Tomorrow we are back in Vegas.

Cedar City to Las Vegas - 7th February

Started out in Cedar City, breakfast at Maccas before hitting the road.

140 K's through St George and into Arizona before arriving in Mesquite which is in Nevada. About the same distance to Las Vegas.

We are staying two nights at a Best Western right near the airport.

Long day, tired - watched the Super Bowl, boring!

Las Vegas - 8th February

A relaxing day in Las Vegas, warm - got to 22C.

We checked out an Outlet Mall in the morning, it's about a K long so lots of walking. Tiring.

i love Cedar City but it sure is nice to be down to sea level again, that 5,000 feet knocks us around a bit.

We rested in the afternoon and in the evening went to Henderson for dinner.

Tomorrow we head in the San Diego direction, Rayls has a quilting pal in Carlsbad she wants to visit.

Amy and Steve are heading to Tacoma in Washington to visit her kids, last night she spent the night in Salt Lake City. Tonight she is in Kennewick WA!