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17th March - Las Vegas

Rayls got us to Vegas safe and sound. Around 310 K's of driving.

We are both a bit jet lagged still but not as bas as other times we have travelled.

Saturday night in Vegas, combined with the fact I wanted to be within walking distance of the stadium, makes for expensive hotel rooms. We are in a cheapie on Tropicana just opposite the MGM Grand, next to Hooters.

After a stop for lunch and a quick look at an Outlet Mall, we arrived at the hotel just after 3pm. Just enough time to unpack and have a rest.

The walk to T Mobile Arena took about 2 minutes. The arena is amazing, we had nose bleed seats and had to go up 2 flights of escalators. The second escalator was as long as any i have seen. Then, on the very top level, you have to go down a real steep aisle to get to your seats. There were some middle aged women, so younger than me, baulking a going down. It did feel a little unsafe but makes for better viewing.

The concert was usual Bon Jovi. He (they) put on a good show.

Walk back to the hotel via a Walgreens. All the entertainment on the strip and we go to a pharmacy! Back to hotel around 11:30 and bed. 5:00am I'm up typing this.

Las Vegas - 18th March

Just a quiet day.

Wandered back to the Strip and took out time walking about a K or so, checking out shops, people, etc. Then headed back - late lunch at a Food Hall, I had Panda Express - big mistake.

Went through the MGM Grand on our way back to the hotel. 

Back in the hotel room mid afternoon.... that's it.

Tomorrow we head for Cedar City in Utah where our pal Amy said they had 6 inches of snow a couple of days ago!