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Big Bang - 19th January

Warner Brothers Studio for Big Band Audience.
Warner Brothes Studios

Ok night, slept in a few shifts till 9am.

Breakfast at Burger King. Rayls to a Joann Store, same one as the Quilt Bash ladies went too in 2012, well one of them anyway. 

We headed north and onto the dreaded I5, traffic not so bad. Arrived at Warner Brothers Studios just after 2pm which we thought was pretty early. There was a line around 100 people long and we were in an outside line. Then it started to rain, well drizzle. So we got brought inside and are now sitting in the seats we always sit in when we go to these audiences for TV shows. This must be about the 6th or 7th audience we have been in. It's a little tedious with the lining up but fun to see the show taped.

Glad they let us in, it is pouring down outside now.


Later now and we are back at the hotel. 

The Big Bang taping was good. I even got up in front of the audience and told the story of how we got here via Dallas. Got some laughs.

Worst thing about a TV show taping is you can't take your mobile phone into the studio. So for about 5 hours you lose contact with the world, tough going and how the hell do you know what the time is?

Warner Brothers is just over 50 K's from the hotel, we were back in our room by around 11:30pm.

Tomorrow, Las Vegas!

LA - 18th January

here we are in LA. Just over 33 hours from home to hotel, what an ordeal.

We were asleep by 2:30am and up just after 8am. Breakfast at the next door Maccas before we drove to Cerritos for some supplies at a Walmart. Halfway through shopping we both hit the wall and by noon we were back in the hotel and slept till 4pm.

in the evening we went to a Downtown Buena Park, a Sears and another Walmart and a Michaels for Rayls. She enjoyed 90 minutes there. Chic fil A for dinner was very nice and it was 10:30pm before we got back to the hotel.

Quiet day, no awards. No Walmart trucks, no quilt shops.

Very sad to hear of the death of Glenn Frey. Great loss. Take it easy Glenn.