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Day Four - Wednesday 29th March, 2006

Today we started out on the I40 in Albuquerque and after a while we drifted into Texas. People in Texas go on about how big their state is but it took us about 3 hours to drive across what I think they refer to as the panhandle part - not sure why, as it doesn't look like a panhandle to us. Can't see anyone driving across Western Australia in 3 hours - we are always happy to tell anyone who will listen that Western Australia is 4 and a half times bigger than Texas.

We stopped a while in Amarillo - there is a real interesting part of the old Route 66 there and we checked that out. Also in Amarillo some dude has buried 10 Cadilacs nose first into the ground - not sure why and it looked kind of weird from the interstate.

After a while we made it into Oklahoma and we eventually  stopped at a place called Elk City about 100 miles short of Oklahoma City.

So far the countryside has been very diverse - we have had some awesome scenery and some downright boring scenery but we are enjoying the trip.

Apart from the trucks, we have also seen a lot of RV's - caravan type homes - and they tow cars so that when they get to where they are going they have something smaller to drive than the RV. Today we saw an RV towing a pickup which had a 4 wheel motor cycle on the back. Some of these RV's are pretty long.

This part of the US is very different to the other parts we have seen on previous trips. It seems poorer and the people seem to be more 'American' American - the real 'down south' accents that we Aussies think of when we think of Americans. They are all very friendly and helpful and love hearing our Aussie accents.

Today we did a cool 430 miles - tough going but we enjoy it.