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Here I sit at work on the day berfore departure, it's Saturday 16th January and I am working in the radio room. I was suppose to work tomorrow afternoon but as I will be somewhere over the Pacific I changed shifts - yes someone was actually stupid enough to swap me so they end up with a higher paying quieter shift. I end up with the lower paying busier shift and as it is a steamy 37C (100F Amy) it is busy enough with buses overheating and air conditioners not working. I did volunteer so no complaints, grumble grumble.

I see it is going to be a pleasant 19C in Los Angeles tomorrow. Nice.

We will only be in LA till Wednesday when we drive to Las Vegas - forecast of 18C there. Just a day in Vegas beforte flying to Dallas - forecast 14C there.


I am not a fan of flying! I don't hate it, I am not scared of it! I am just not a fan of it.

Problem is I love to travel overseas and in particularly to the USA. This has two major adverse factors in my life; number one, my finances are no where near as good as I would like them to be and number 2, I have to fly. Hard to go anywhere from Australia these days if you fly.

I remember in 1965 my sister travelled to Europe, she went by ship, 4 weeks I believe. She saw some places that probably wouldn't be safe to see these days.The ship went through the Suez Canal, must have been an adventure. My family migrated from Holland in the early 1950's, they came by ship.

I have never taken a cruise, other than from Freo to Rottnest Island and I was sea sick on that 10 Kilometre trip. So I will stick to flying.

My love of travel saw my wife and I travel to Europe in January 1980. I was just 25 and this was mostly a trip to see my family history in Holland.

We left Perth in the evening of 18 January, the old Perth Airport the international terminal then is sort of where the Qantas domestic terminal is these days. It was a British Airways 747, so big and so exciting.

A lot of water under the aircraft since then.... I think this is trip number 14 for us to the USA, Rayls tells me 14th together and we each did one with a son. So 15 all up. Who'd a thunk?