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To Dallas - 21st January

Today is Rayls birthday and we started out by having breakfast with Amy and Steve in the hotel. At 7:45am we started out for the airport, probably a 20 minute drive with a fuel stop.

The car rental return and shuttle bus went fine and the check in with Southwest was surprisingly quick. Our first flight was to Lubbock and was delayed 15 minutes. The flight was fine, the airport is in the middle of freshly ploughed fields. We had an hour or so layover which was lengthened by 15 minutes as, in keeping with the theme of the trip, the Dallas flight was also delayed.

All good at the airport and we have a Toyota Corolla for the next six days.

The drive from the airport was in peak hour traffic and was around 40 minutes. In the evening we had a light dinner and Rayls checked out a Michaels store.

Dallas - 22nd January

Sadly my cold is worse and it may have been passed onto Rayls.

Today was shopping. After a late Dennys breakfast we went to Sears and JC Penny. Then to Hobby Lobby. In the afternoon we went to a Target and Walmart. With dinner at a Chic fil A.

Dallas - 23rd January

A very sad day, we got news that our much beloved dog Hunter had passed away. He was nearly 15 years old and we knew his time was not far off but still very sad.

Many thanks to Scott, Shannon and Ryan for all they did.

We battled on doing 5 quilts shops but our heart just was not in it.

Dallas - 24th January

Today is our 40th wedding anniversary. Through a combination of illness and sadness we stayed in our room only venturing out for lunch at an iHop.

Dallas - 25th January

Happy Australia Day to the Aussies reading.

Today we did a rare thing and split up for a few hours. I dropped Rayls off at Dallas Galleria whilst I headed downtown to Dealey Plaza.

I have been to Dealey Plaza a few times before, I just like to be there, to soak in the history and atmosphere. I was there about an hour before heading back to Galleria. 

The Galleria was not really Rayls scene, too high brow so after we met up again we headed to Carrolton where we checked out a quilt shop and a antique store. Nice town square with a cool pergola.

Another store in Plano and a Walmart before dinner at a Cracker Barrel. Like those.

Back in the room around 7pm.

Dallas - 26th January

Our last full day in Dallas. Tomorrow we fly back to Vegas.

We both slept the best we have for a while. Just before noon we headed off to a nearby Shipleys Donut shop. Last item on the must do list, we tried this store on Saturday arvo but it was closed. We arrived at the shop 11:59am to find it closed at noon.

i found a store about 20 k\'s away in Mesquite. This shop was close to some quilt shops so off we went. Sadly the donuts were not that great because it was near closing time but still pretty good. $9.95 for a dozen.

We checked a couple of quilt shops, I will update the Quilt Shop site soon.

BJ\'s Steakhouse for dinner and then a Joanns for Rayls before fuelling the car and returning to the hotel around 7:30pm.

I pretty well ran the rental car empty - 9.90 gallons or 45 litres cost $15.85!