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10th April - Home

We're home again, happy to be with Hunter. Scott and Shannon are in the USA for a couple of more weeks.

it was a good trip but hard work. Much tougher than the USA where we have regular relax time.

For a grumpy old man I enjoyed our time with relatives and friends. That is unusual for me.

We most enjoyed the countries where people were able to speak English, the Netherlands, Belgium and to a lesser extent Germany. Ryan and I didn't like France and in particular Paris. Of course this is more about us not being able to speak the other languages but it is nice to be in a country where they make an effort for the tourists.

The countryside was magnificent in all the countries. Would be so much better in the summer but we travel at this time of the year and we were rewarded with smaller crowds. I did enjoy the smaller towns in France and waliking the town square areas,very nice.

We were lucky with the weather. It was cold, usually around 9C and there was some drizzle but overall we did well for the time of year we travelled.

London was good, we were better informed thanks to Glen. Maybe we need to find someone who can give us such thorough info about Paris. I will always remember being at the Maccas at Victoria Station when we finally were able to confirm that Australia had won the Cricket World Cup. The yelling and hugging, that was a precious moment.

Ryan did the majority of driving and he found it tough. Narrow roads, other drivers who don't seem to care about anyone. After getting home he drove to Fremantle and couldn't believe how easy it was.